Liverpool - the beauty of fourth goal

When Milan Pankov scored two incredible goals for the Red Star win over Liverpool last November all the football fans were amazed who he is and how that has happened. Some went further and started analyzing the work of Jurgen Klopp and attitude of the players and God knows what else.

I am sure that after the defeat an amazing, common sensed, passionate, aware, wise and incredible human being Jurgen Klopp got the inspiration how to proceed and combine two beautiful characteristics of us humans, those being simplicity and freedom.

He, also transformed the role of coach in today's football. Still one can see that he has inner fight between the business of football and simple game of football!

This article is written to encourage him and all who still have that awarenss of being firstly human, to overcome that what is business and to put forward that what is the simple, childish. humble. chivalry game ! Game of football.

And being human is mostly to have the strength, not power, to protect others from yourself. 

There will always be those that want to command and to present systems like 4-4-2 like 3-5-2 like 4-4-3 like 1-10 or who knows what else.

That is also normal as we do not have the same thoughts about life philosophy and usually, if not often, we are influenced by societies we live in and the people with whom we interact. Or we have outstanding business with our past. 

Obstacles are everywhere. Especially if simplicity is applied as it diminishes to the great extend the necessity of actually having astronomical sums of money to spend at the game of football.

I am sure that all those gurus of football, who actually did not present something more human to this magic play will try to downgrade THE FOURTH GOAL of Liverpool as it does not justify their contribution to the game. And to be clear !

Their contribution was to divide and rule. Their contribution was to kill what is childish and human in the football game and to introduce machines! Machines which they hopped will be easy to program and control.


We are not machines! We all have child inside of us. Jurgen Klopp and his great team of Liverpool has confirmed that yesterday with THE FOURTH GOAL !

Well, machines will gradually be introduces to our life. AI or artificial intelligence will become another big business!

But AI will never ever project the FOURTH GOAL of Liverpool.

So dear human beings, yesterdays Liverpool win have shown to all of us, football fans and not, that we as humans have future!

And we ARE majority!

Written 08/05/2019

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