"One story is good till another is told"

The title is the lesson from the Aesops fable of the man and the lion

Marie Antoinette the Queen of France and wife of King Louis XVI who both were executed in so called French Revoloution  said that "there is nothing new exept what has been forgotten" .

It is important to remember that famous scientist Antoine Lavoisier was also executed 1794 by so called revolutionaries. Lavoisier said that he is a scientist and does not have anything to do with politics and he got the reply from the judge that " The Republic has no need of scientists or chemists...." He was executed 8 of May 1794.

Also it is refreshing to learn that Maria Antoinette did not use the expression " give them sweets" to express opinion what to do with the people of Paris as there was a wheat shortage and people were starving. That shortage was organised by Louis Philippe II Duke of Orleans, cousin of King, who voted for King Louis XVI to be executed and after he himself was executed in 1793.

She actually used the expression from the book "Confessions" of Jan Jacques Rousseau which goes " Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"which means let them eat pastry, which was the food for  the rich.

And last but not the least, just to make you investigate further about Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI and learn more about the consequences of French so called Revoloution, including the "LAW OF SUSPECTS" are the last words of her before the giliotene: "UPS, excuse me mister, it was not on purpose" addressing the headsman at the guillotine as she stepped on his feet few minutes before her execution!!!


Connect and Respect


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Sunrise is followed by Sunset and Sunset is followed by Sunrise. Or is it vise versa ?

The enemy of humanity

Did you know that in 1775 breech-loading volley gun that was reloaded using multiple breech pieces, similar to the later mitrailleuse, was presented to the young King of France Louis XVI  by  the French engineer Du Perron.

The memoir was attached to this weapon saying that this military organ could ,when a lever was pulled ,discharge 24 bullets simultaneously. 

Most probably having in mind famous Roland de Roncevaux and his saying : " Cursed be the coward who invented arms capable of killing from a distance" the King Louis XVI and his ministers Turgot and Melesherbes rejected it as they considered it to be extremely deadly and deemed the inventor as the enemy of humanity! 

Just after 14 years 1789 French revolution has happened in the name of "progress ". From the word progress we are now learning to use  word sustainability.  

We thank authors of the book 'Morning with the magicians " for inspiration and guidance!



Connect and Respect 





Ask me !

Yes ! You can ask them!

And get the answer which will help you!

Did you know that in Istanbul Fatih municipality you will find in all tourist points,and not only, youngsters between 15 and 23 years old wearing blue t-shirts with simple “ASK ME” sign acting as voluntary tourism Ambassadors!

My first encounter was at the airport where I approached a girl with the ASK ME sign on the blue T-shirt and asked where can I find bus station. Got easy strate reply and after less then 3 minutes I was there waiting for bus to go to the city.

ASK ME team members know at least one foreign language, mainly English and including German, Japanese, French, Arabic, Russian and even Korean !

Selected volunteers receive a short term two-stage training about general rules, things to do, responsibilities, team work accompanied by history lessons about Sultan Ahmet part of the city which has the most tourist sites.

History is explained in detail and I was impressed when asked couple of them where can I find the tomb of Mehmed Pasha Sokolu( born Bajica Sokolovic) wife who was the daughter of Sultan Selim II.

I did not mention the name of the lady but ASK ME team knew that it was Ismihan Sultan and that her tomb was behind Ayia Sophia!

As the members say there are so many advantages being an "ASK ME" !

You improve communication skills, you self improve being seriously sincere with foreign tourists, learn to be a member of the team which improves personality and also a knowledge about self.

Furthermore, after completing a project ASK ME members get certificate of service in social responsibility project.

I had another encounter on the bus stop asking Turkay the member of ASK ME team how to top up my public transport card. Not that I did not know, but wanted for the third time to “inspect" ASK ME member.

Well , it was again amazingly serious for the age but with the same confidence and pride and happiness that he provide a help!

For that reason I am publishing the photo of him and myself.

One of the members of ASK ME said that despite all the heat and sun around Ayia Sophia all the volunteers are deeply enjoying their work and even that they are not aware about todays world they are confident that tomorrow’s world will be a bright place filled by all the devoted people!

Let’s apply this example everywhere!


It is just by asking that you CONNECT and by starting a communication you RESPECT!





ASK ME and ME .

Josephine and Aimee

In the first of "Did you know" series there is a short story of Josephine and Aimee.

Josephine was the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and Aimee, also known as Naksidil Sultan, the wife of Sultan Abdul Hamid and mother of Sultan Mahmud II often described as "  Peter the Great" of Turkey due to reforms he instituted including abolition of Janissary corps in 1826.

Josephine was born as Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie and Aimee was born as Aimee du Buc de Rivery . Aimee was a distant cousin-in-law of Josephine. Both were raised in Martinique, French colony. 

Both cousins had very adventurous and dramatic life with Josephine to lose her first husband to the Guillotine and Aimee to be captured by pirates and sold in the slave market to the Governor General of Algeir who took her to Constantinople and present her as a gift to Sultan Abdul Hamid. 

Both had to face endless intrigues and both managed to become very important figures in French and Ottoman Empires!

Aimee, in her letter to Josephine reminiscences their joint childhood in Martinique stating how important was the drill they both received from their mothers on how education, well education and manners can help in overcoming any life difficulties! 

And it was so as Josephine from near Guillotine became French Empress and Aimee from the slave market became Naskidil Sultan(First wife of the Sultan and mother of future Sultan Mahmud II).

Never ever give up and constantly learn! 

Life always have surprises ready for you!








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