Plant trees and flowers ! Let's do it!

Siberia  is still on fire, Amazon is burning ! Bees are dying ,salmons too. Who knows what else is awaiting to happen. Manipulation is on high alert downgrading us , all of us as humans. You find such posts like"we failed as humans" like we are not worthy etc... Come on! Wake up! 

Get to know what Milutin Milankovic had said. Google it and read it and be aware. Think with your own head. 

This is only minority which is  causing all this troubles.  They are afraid of majority of us. Can you comprehend when we as majority start doing practical things to save what is to be saved. When we become aware of manipulation being done. When we get up awake and ready to do humble ,human, full of care and love things. Practical things.

So what philosophy of good news suggests is let's all of us plant a tree! And  flowers! In our neighbourhood's! Just find  a place and plant the tree and ,or flowers. 

We can make a world day for planting! 

So let's plant a billion trees and bilion flowers of any kind wherever we are! 

That is the practical answer to all trying to "sell" to us that  we as humans are not worthy. And instead to look each other with suspicion we Will look each other with smile and joy and be proud that we are THE PEOPLE we are HUMANS.


Let's plant the trees and flowers!

Come on! 




Connect and Respect 




Connect and Respect

It is just amazing how many different people you can meet when at night cruise in Bosphorus.

Apart from super friendly and professional staff at Perala ship there were people from Uzbegistan, USA, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, China and Serbia.

At least those are the one the writer of this words have met, and managed to have a conversation with.

To mention some Asad from Pakistan and cricket lover, Serdar from Uzbegistan and car parts importer, Vicky from Iowa USA and Bank employee , a youngster from Iran(23 years old)who came to request Canadian Visa ...

All with different backgrounds, all with different mentality, all with different so called social standing , all talking different languages but all with one single common denominator, the love for life!

That love for life is bigger than any competition!

It is bigger than any antagonism!

It is making us feel how beautiful is to be human with clean soul and humble heart.

Connect and Respect!

Forget about that “ Divide and Rule “.

No one needs to rule us as we practice togetherness and respect.

How easy is to connect! How easy is to respect! How easy is to just live the life and by each breath to contribute to the balance of humanity, to the state of soul of your fellow human beings as well as your own.

Individuality comes from being together. From being the member of the team. Through team you develop your individuality.

Even if business is business as we could like to say there is a human touch in it.

That human touch is given by moving ,transforming emotions. In this couple of hours you forget every day life and become the real self. The real human.

The issue is dear readers, to continue being the genuine humans and after this couple of hours. To practice every moment of our life what we were feeling at that really special night cruise over the Bosphorus, the place which has a very special energy.

Happy life dear fellow human beings and do not forget!

Please !

Connect and Respect!




"Who sleeps is not awake"

One of the quotes from now famous Alan Ford comic book!

It was created by Italians Max Bunker (Luciano Secchi) and Magnus (Roberto Raviola), since 1969.

"The comic book is a satirical take on classic secret agents laden with surreal and black humour, and sardonic references to aspects of the contemporary Italian and Western society."

So just a few quotes spontaneously translated in English to make you laugh and live longer!

" It is not important to participate. It is important to win".

"It is better to live 100 years as a milioner than 7 days as poor".

"Better something from someone than nothing from noone".

"He who walks does not run".

"Buy flowers for loved woman but do not forget your own ".

"He who fly is worthy . He who is worthy flyes. Who does not fly is not worthy".

" Never surrender! Except when you must".

" Do not trust the women who lies ".

It looks like that from 1969 nothing has changed.

And in Alan Ford style

If nothing has changed, everything is the same ! 


Hope you will have a good time after reading this !








Liverpool - the beauty of fourth goal! 

When Milan Pankov scored two incredible goals for the Red Star win over Liverpool last November all the football fans were amazed who he is and how that has happened.

Some went further and started analyzing the work of Jurgen Klopp and attitude of the players and God knows what else. I am sure that after the defeat an amazing, common sensed, passionate, aware, wise and incredible human being Jurgen Klopp got the inspiration how to proceed and combine two beautiful characteristics of human beings those being simplicity and freedom.

He, also transformed the role of coach in today's football. Still one can see that he has inner fight between the business of football and simple game of football!

This article is here to encourage him and all who still have that awarenss of being human, to overcome that what is business and to put forward that what is the simple, childish. humble. chivalry game ! Game of football.

There will always be those that want to command and to present systems like 4-4-2 like 3-5-2 like 4-4-3 like 1-10 or who knows what else.

That is also normal as we do not have the same thoughts about life philosophy and usually, if not often, we are influenced by societies we live in and the people with whom we interact.

Obstacles are everywhere. Especially if simplicity is applied as it diminishes to the great extend the necessity of actually having astronomical sums of money to spend at the game of football.

I am sure that all those gurus of football, who actually did not present something more human to this magic play will try to downgrade THE FOURTH GOAL of Liverpool as it does not justify their contribution to the game.

And to be clear ! Their contribution was to divide and rule. Their contribution was to kill what is childish and human in the football game and to introduce machines! Machines which they hopped will be easy to program and control.


We are not machines! We all have child inside of us. Jurgen Klopp and his great team of Liverpool has confirmed that yesterday with THE FOURTH GOAL !

Well, machines will gradually be introduces to our life. AI or artificial intelligence will become another big business!

But AI will never ever project the FOURTH GOAL of Liverpool.

So dear human beings, yesterdays Liverpool win have shown to all of us, football fans and not, that we as humans have future!

And we ARE majority!

Written 08/05/2019

Philosophy of good news





Serbia 1915-Conect and Respect

Everything started when I was invited to attend traditional Romanian music concert in November last year 2018 during celebration of 100 years of Romania. 

There, my absolutely genuine souls and humble heart Romanian friends gave me the opportunity to feel the atmosphere and to participate in the dance. I was thrilled to see how similar Serbian and Romanian traditional dance are and to widen my knowledge about dear Romanian friends and their soul. Just felt amazingly beautiful and was deeply touched. 

After some dance we went to our table to try to rest, and then, just as we set, a Romanian friend stood up and started going back to the podium promptly not to lose opportunity to dance his favorite song which just started. 

I look at him with admiration as his emotions were high and he said to me rushing back to the podium :

" Darko my friend, you know, it is hard to be Romanian!" 

This expression had a strong impact on me as I wrote about in my article "Night of emotions. Is it is hard to be Romanian?", and I was thinking how to organize an event where participants would ask them selves " Is it hard to be a Serb?" 

And get the same answer! Yes it is! 

And opportunity aroused when I asked a friend, young, extremely devoted and inteligent, hard working history student of Belgrade University Mr. Jovan Milenkovic if he knows and can recommend talented historian whom I would invite to Cyprus to present the lecture "Serbia 1915". 

After some thoughts he sent me the contact information of Mr. Boris Markovic, his friend and generation as they both were born in 1992.

Boris Markovic graduated History at University of Belgrade and it is a master candidate. He works at History museum of Serbia in Belgrade and writes for National Geographic Serbian edition. 

All above is a good reference, but I needed to be sure also about a character of Boris. Here I would like to let you, readers know that after just a few hours I decided to invite him and put forward organizational procedures for event to happen. It was no need to have second thought becouse first and foremost, I had a trust in Mr. Jovan Milenkovic judgment, even though that I met him just briefly in Belgrade two years ago. 

And it was a winner! 

Mr. Boris Markovic proved all! 

He is extremely well organized and knowledgeable, has strong integrity and calmness, talks to the point and he is genuine and honest person who loves his roots, his country and traditions. At the same time he is also a good listener and good diplomat. 

We agreed from the very beginning to present a great suffering of Serbia and its people in the years of Great War, especially in year 1915 and at the same time to try to connect all humans from all sides showing that wars do not settle anything and that human life and our tiny planet are very precious to live this terrible experience again and again! We do genuinely hope that we have managed to do so.

Philosophy of good news and myself will print the lecture and offer it first to the participants which were fifty one in total and then to you the readers. 

So, what Boris Markovic said and what has happened in Serbia during the Great War, World War I? 

Here you will find a brief insight of what was mentioned in lecture and then you will have opportunity to read the quotes of people who were attending the lecture. 

The first important, tragic number we learnt is that Serbia lost more than one million people (1000000)in the First World War. 

This was one fourth (1/4) of the whole population. 

Second observation we got from the lecture is, as R. W. Seton-Watson said in his book"The Spirit of the Serb" the feeling of "stubborn self-reliance" and we would add at the same time bravery and humanity. 

Bravery defined as protecting yourself from others and Humanity protecting others from yourself, as hero from Kuci tribe, Marko Miljanov famously said. 

Third tremendously important observation was genuine heroism and sacrifice of Serbian soldiers and all other participants in the war including nurses, doctors, civilians foreign and Serbian. 


We had an honor to meet Mr. Aris Finiefs whose father was in -1915 in Serbia helping soldiers and civilians affected by Typhus epidemic. We thank Mr. Levent Cetin for informing and bringing Mr. Aris to the lecture. 

We could also learn about the respect between enemies, Serbians on one and Austrians and Germans on the other. Famous German Field Marshal August von Mackensen instructed, after conquering Belgrade, for monument in honour of Serbian soldiers to be made. You can still find it in Belgrade! Yes. He also wrote in his diary following lines :"We fought against an army that we have heard about only in fairy tales, who defended themselves with virtually unprecedented courage. The moment we conquered Serbia hurt us more than her alies"!!!!!! 

And the proof for contemporary readers comes in the form of the speech and action of the Major Gavrilovic and his regiment defending Kalemegdan fortress.

"Soldiers, exactly at three o`clock, the enemy is to be crushed by your fierce charge, destroyed by your grenades and bayonets. The honour of Belgrade, our capital must be stained. 

Soldiers! Heroes! The Supreme Command has erased our regiment from its records. Our regiment has been sacrificed for the honour of Belgrade and the motherland. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about your lives;they no longer exist. So forward to glory! For King and country! Long live the King! Long live Belgrade! "

I will leave you to read again above lines and to digest it knowing that Serbs do not want to conquer anybody and are trustworthy allies and fierce opponents when their country is under attack. 


After conquering of Belgrade by Germans, as Serbs did not want to surrender, all Army, Government and Civilians gathered at Kosovo and there decided to go towards Adriatic Sea and place their destiny in God's hands. 

Prince Regent Aleksandar Karadjordjevic decision has been made with the thought of saving the army, government and as many as possible civilians in the foreign lands and awaiting the opportunity to go back to Serbia with help of allies. This was unique, brave and future oriented decision showing again Serbian love towards freedom! 

In all that journey more than 50000 people died. 

It is crucial to know that Serbian King with his sons walked through Albanian mountains, rare showing of leadership and love for the country. Leadership for those wanting it means to be prepared any time for self sacrifice. 

His famous speech below

"Heros, you have taken two oaths: One for me, your King and one for your Country. From the first I release you, for the situation is far too grave to justify me, an old man on the edge of the grave, in holding you to it. From the oath to your country no man can release you. But I promise you that if you decide to return to your homes, and if fortune favors our cause, you shall not be made to suffer. But whether you go or stay I and my sons remain here."

King Petar I Karadjordjevic 

Finally after long journey over Albanian mountains and dismals near Adriatic Sea, Serbian government and army were transported by French and Italian ships to island of Corfu where they recouped and got ready for action. Greeks of Corfu Island were very hospitable to Serbian soldiers who on their side were respecting them greatly. There, a nostalgic song "Tamo daleko" - There far away was created. Serbian army was awaiting for the opportunity to go back to Serbia! 

That happened in 1916 with the first offensive where Serbian army won Kaimakcalan battle and first time in a year reentered the soil of then Kingdom Serbia.

German-Swiss Rudolphe Archibald Reiss, criminology-pioneer, forensic scientist, professor and writer and genuine friend of Serbia, instructed in his last will for urn containing his heart be placed at Mount Kaimakcalan. 

From there in 1918 Serbian Army launched offensive and successfully liberated Serbia. 

We will be posting a video of the lecture soon and would like now to close this article with comments from the people attending the lecture. Comments are genuine, original and we are proud to have received them. 

'Hi Darko. Thank you for such interesting lecture it was very insightful and I very much enjoyed it. Let me know if you organize another event...' 

"And everything was good for establish new connection and meet new friends. And it is hard to be.. Serbian." 

"Good morning! We both enjoyed. New things we learned about your people! Food was good. It was a real pleasure for us beeing there!" 

"Hey Darko - you're very welcome! I enjoyed it :) Thank you foe organising it" 

"Περίφημα. .- swimmingly'



And many more! 

The last but not the least huge thanks from my heart to Nikolic, Spasojevic and Janjic families for their help and support. 

And my children Stefan, Aleksandra and Nikolas for their support and unconditional help! 

Thank you all again. 


Philosophy of good news 



ZIC ZAC-pick the track

Well all what you will read below is ZIC and then ZAC. 

Even that you can see it also as ZAC and ZIC. 

In translation,if someone needs it, here and there, everywhere and nowhere. 

Life as we know it is like that? 

Could it be different? 

Oh! Yes! 

With ZIC ZAC "Smekers" it will be! 

(Smeker from German "Schmecker" - cool, good taste person who appreciate nice things) 

At least during the play you will experience it. For that reason sharpen your senses of sight and hearing not to miss the announcement that ZIC ZAC is in your community ready to perform! 

Get the tickets and run, yes run to see the play. Get sweat just for blood to circulate better and to warm up excitement! 

Andrea Gavriliu, Stefan Lupu and Gabi Costin with great support of Petre will make history, again, by giving you moments of joy, laugh, deep thoughts about existence, fears and too little of too much being little you afraid of too much. 

In short how to be friends with fears! In long, run to see the play! 

And then, EUREKA, I would call it Petreka, from the inventor, dear Petre, of the following saying 

"And then burn it!" 

Burn or not to burn that is the question! 

And it is a choice we all have. 



ZIC with ZAC 

Whatever you feel it is great! 

Becouse, as at ZIC ZAC  you FEEL. 


When you awake and train your atrophied, scrubby senses of existence you F E E L! 


And by using logic, if this than that, we could say that feeling is existing. 

And then burn it?! 

Or burn it not?! 

Choice is ours, or it is not?! 

Esspecialy if it is too hot! 

I got "infected" by ZIC ZAC and suggesting you to experience the same! 

We talk fast we listen not! At ZIC ZAC you will see that words do not make  point as we live in subconscious state. 

Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla

And again 

Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla

And then 

burn it! 

And dance! 

Or just think that some words have the value only if remain unsaid. 

And some can as Serbian poet Branko Miljkovic wrote an epitaph 

"Hard word killed me"! 


Buna! Hi! I prefer BUNA! 

One outstretched hand did not get another. One look was hidden but noticed. 

" You are a little bit afraid of too much. You are little too less afraid of much to little. Too little you are afraid of much too little. Too much is too little. Too much is too little for you." 

And finally 

" Little you are afraid of too much" 

Petreka awakes and repeats 

" And then burn it!" 

When do we stop? 

When we are set free!? 

When we burn it and start a new!? 

Or just never!? 

Will the emptiness of tradition be filled with something better? 

Do we need memories? 

That is what ZIC ZAC will awake in you! 

By playing with words you will be protected from the hard word! 


Burn the fears and live the life! 

Than get more of fears to inspire you and live the life! 

Whatever! Just live the life and RUN, RUN to experience the ZIC ZAC! 



April 4, 2019

Philosophy of good news 



O Captain, my Captain

Most of you would think that there will be a talk about "Dead poet society" film with legendary Robin Williams. 

But it will not. 

It is a story about Bosfor cruise and atmosphere in the boat and around us taking the ride from Golden Horn to Bosfor straights and back. 

It is the story about past, about present with humble try to project future. Exactly as life is. 

And not to forget time. 

It is the story about time as it is successfuly presented in the clock room at Dolmababahce Palace.


It is the story about young generation dreams and thoughts,respect and pride and everyday life, and love. 

Oh that life! 

One can not forget not to try to transfer to you the feeling of exceptional energy you get when in the city of Istanbul or Carcity or Constantinople. 

This is the story of religions also, however not connected with the"devide and rule" thought but connected with one and only easy, great word - Togetherness! 


Comming soon


Philosophy of good news 




Coffee is the excuse

Did you know, legend says, that the coffee came to Europe from Ottoman Turkey. It was traded during siege of Vienna from 17th July till 12 September 1683.

However the first coffee house of Istanbul opened not by the Ottomans but by Arabs. Two Arab coffee makers named Sems of Damascus and Hakem of Alepo arrived in 1554 in Istanbul and established the first coffee house in Tahtakale neighborhood. 

It soon became very popular place where people gathered exercising hedonism long before Oscar Wilde suggested it in his great book "Picture of Dorian Gray".

As it is today, some people were coming with books, like me, some played backgammon and some chess and some came for meeting people and enjoying the atmosphere. 

Generally it is accepted that happy people read while drinking coffee, as the title of the book by Agnes Martin Logan suggests. 

What we miss today and it was a habit then are the poets who recite to each other new odes they wrote. 

But what they of past were missing and we do not is that coffee houses are now also a meeting point of future couples. 


It was always a profitable business as then coffee cost was two silver coins,very solid amount for that time. 

And gradually coffee became world wide "excuse" for people to meet and talk! 

Written by anonymous are the following rhymes :

" (Now that we are born into this old world 

This ramshackle house shall endure our burden 

The heart desires neither coffee, nor coffee house 

The heart only desires companionship;coffee is only the excuse.)" 


So let's make it an excuse and gather for a coffee to talk and write, to smiile and cry, to love and prepare for love, to see the eyes of each other, to respect the existence of all! In a word let's awake for our tiny Earth stake! 


Istanbul January 6th 2019

Philosophy of good news 





In previous couple of years we could feel on our own shell that changes are occurring in front of our eyes and we all tried to comprehend what are those and where will they lead us to. 

One is sure. We as humans are awakening even that there is a try to suppress it. Conscious and unconscious try. 

As per Newton third law "for every action there is equal and opposite reaction." We have build our societies on that reason. Plus Hegel dialectics of thesis, antithesis, synthesis. 

And somewhere down the road we got lost. And started sleeping and continued walking. Not realizing that we are at the blind street and that we are approaching the wall. Bigger than Chinese, as it exists in our heads! 

We started to define everything, to standardize all. And we got even more lost. We got completely captured by the sound of money. Laboratories, social and non were working together, even that we were though of individuality through Origin of Species, to present to majority numerous ideas and create stereotypes for easier control. Our tiny fragile sensors for love and care were damaged. But, even chemistry could not destroy it completely. 

Is everything about control?

It looks like it is.

First layer of fear than exercise control, than more fear and more control and even more fear for ultimate control. 

Somewhere here the game became so obvious with clishe templates that it produced contrary results. People started to awake, slowly becoming aware of the patterns imposed and more over aware of the strength, power of their inner self. But this also was understood by the different laboratories. 

And now we are witnessing that there is a process, we could name it "The process to open the door."

So here is what is going on. 

There are forces that are still trying to keep the door closed. There are forces that want the door wide open and forces that want to have a control who enters the wide open door. 

What will happen? 

If we all continue to develop our self by just overcoming stereotypes, by nature we will start feeling more and better. Our sensitivity sensors will be repaired, we will be more and more aware and by exercising humble confidence we will awake to the level of transforming our self first and with that, transforming the world we live in. 

And control? The answer is self control! 

The answer is old methods of education with awareness of our surroundings and general knowledge of the world we live in, combined by tremendous achievements in technology stimulating invention in any field. 

Karl Popper said that we must plan for freedom. No! We must exercise the freedom by being ready to protect others from our selfs! 

However Karl Popper is very right when he said that only freedom can make us secure! 

And writings! We strongly encourage you, dear friends, dear readers, to write and contribute to the philosophy of good news. There is a "beautiful minds" sub page here awaiting for your beautiful thoughts to be published. 

And do not think that you can not contribute to the humanity being only one person! Just write words which are, definitely, deeply embedded inside of your soul! 

As Byron said:

"But the words are things,

and a small drop of ink,

Failing, like dew, upon a thought produces 

That which make thousands, perhaps millions think." 


Wishing you all that the rainbow in the photo/video finish the journey in your heart ♥! 

The year 2019 represents number 3 (2+1+9=12=1+2=3)called Angel number for those spiritually aware. And there are more of humans to discover spirituality within them selfs this year. 

Happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2019 - 3.


Philosophy of good news 

January 3rd 2019