Eminescu, Petofi, Nusic

One of the three countries where our mentioned heros lived, loved and died for geographically does not   belong to Balkan peninsula. But definitely the influences between them interchange, thus enriching all of the inhabitants. Some times it is not possible to recognize and understand it immediately but they stay somehow and slowly, humbly spread between ordinary people, ready to appear in public and at the given moment unite human beings using universal values of love and respect.  

As Balkan and its surroundings is the place of amazing atmosphere and despite of different difficult, sometimes terrible events taking place, was and always will be, an area with people interlaced, area where patriotism and love for freedom and equality  had high value, area that gave immortal contribution for the advance of  humanity like those three great personalities. Their feelings were pure and genuine. Their love for the people of the countries they were born indisputable. Their deeds are teaching us about pure love, passion and pain, letting us understand that life is streaked mostly with pain but also that life is an opportunity, as long as it lasts, to connect with other people leaving positive energy to the coming generations. They were strate and sharp in their writings. They all had humor and like Nusa - Nusic tried to show to the people that part of us which, instead to make us humble and wise, makes us to transform and degrade our humanity. But all of their work have produced something which stayed long after their passing over. 

In a word - felling!

Could it be that real human feelings are actualy a purpose for our existence?

Could it be that Petofi, Eminescu and Nusic each in their life span stored a seed which will become a tree and with its fruitage unite completely human beings enabling to free the energy of togetherness? 


First two with short life duration and the third with  considerably longer, but all three sharing a lot of concern, enthusiasm, genuinely strong love for the countries  they spoke the language and sharing their feelings with all of us ready to learn with open hearts. 

All three writing tremendously important words and all three having parents where at least one was not born in the country they were born in.

Mihail Eminovici( Mihai Eminescu), Aleksandar Petrovic( Shandor Petőfi)and Alkiviad Nusa( Branislav Nusic).


First being called "a godfather of modern Romanian language" (Iorga),  second wrote "Nemzeti dal" Hungarian national poem and third published awakening texts and deep meaning  comedies. He lost his only son,soldier in Serbian army, during heroic retreat through Albania in 1915 during the first world war.

This is a short story about them, not to be forgotten and to be used ONLY as a point to connect the people! 





Philosophy of good news 


June 2018