Mind the stars story

Mind the stars logo

Just recently it came to my attention beautifuly thought logo, made for a new startup of women clothes and accessories.

"Mind the stars"!

I was impressed with the smooth, fresh,original, easy to wear designs of the clothes and unique accessories some for man too! 

Something so important for ladies who want to be trendy and practical every day in any occasion.

We do not interrupt the stars.  On the contrary we enjoy the beauty of them. 

Exactly what this new brand is offering. 


It made me speechless for some time as I chose not to atribute any word knowing that an unsaid word is more powerful than expressed one especially if you are dealing with stars. 

And women wearing "Mind the stars" branded clothes are just that The stars! 


And behind the Stars is the story of the owner, exceptional lady with vision and conviction to develop her dream. To bring the Stars near and at the same time to warn us to take a good look at them, to comprehend and enjoy beauty. 



She did not mention it in our brief talk however I am convinced that the name of the brand has to do with her dreams. 

Dreams of a little girl. Dreams which she, as all of us who have them,  is trying to actually live! 

Dreams are going further from the stars making the dreamer to be kind and gentle as he proceeds with care beyond them. 


And go for your dream! 

And the dreams are accompanied with LOVE! 

Without love they are not in the mood to puzzle our head. LOVE is primary ingredient of dreams. 

In the case of the MIND THE STARS lady there is universal love for her children and, believe it or not, for the elefant. 

She loves elefants from her childhood making me think that deep inside of her she was looking for safety and protection of her dreams as she is also impressed with the moves and power of EVZONES, TSOLIADES, proud Greek soldiers which could be seen at the Monument Of Unknown Soldier at Sintagma square in Athens. 


This is why at the logo you can see first and foremost the structure of elegant, giving smooth security and power to three initials representing names of the owner and her two precious children. 


I might add the names but only after I get permission. In the mean time look at logo and imagine the beauty behind it. 

Permission is granted so you have a puzzle to solve. 

A=Anastasia; E=Evangelos; M=Mary. 

Incorporated to make an elefant alive! 


The writer of this passage assures you that MIND THE STARS will succeed.  This is why he will be wearing men's  watch with MIND THE STARS logo thinking that he made a good investment with the brand so much connected to what Philosophy of good news is about ; LOVE, AWAKENING, AWARENESS, DREAMS AND COMMON SENSE. 


Wishing them all the success in every aspect of their life. 


And last but definitely not the least 






Philosophy of good news 


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