Photo which accompanies this article is here to show that we will always have dangers. However it will be only up to us to cope with those and by cooperation and respect avoid failing down to prepared ambush.


Fifteen months ago when Philosophy of good news started I did not imagine that in this short period of existence there will be hundred thousand of you out there to visit the site and read at least one article. 

Philosophy of good news was established with the aim of shearing thoughts that awake human feelings making us aware how privileged we are to live the life and use oxygen every moment of it.

Nothing is ordinary! Ordinary does not exist! Life in every shape and form is preciously special! 

We just should use it wisely by leaving behind something good for the advance of humanity. Everything matters! All are needed! 

Philosophy of good news is here to point out to the readers that “Insatiable individualistic greed” for money and power is not the purpose of our existence. It has been forced upon us with such an unexplainable hate and perfidy. Only with goodness and open genuine human approach, and awareness we can make selfishness, corruption to lose its significance. Togetherness and altruism will prevail making us all to proceed to another level. Goodness in every shape and form. As we do good the good will spread and we will all see doings of all. Those that are like chameleons will find their real human colour and will forget other presentations. We will all be just humble humans! 

No need for complicate, made by order, theories used more to manipulate than to help advance of human awareness.

Feel more and you will see how manipulation is disappearing and how your conscious becomes clearer.

And here you will continue to find words that are encouraging and romantic, loaded with layer of philosophy and positive thoughts thus making good news to become ordinary story just like the oxygen we inhale and exhale.

Journey continues.


Philosophy of good news