Half true societies

Half true is the most dangerous tool in the hands of would be handlers and influencers of public behaviour.

It can be easy to get rid of that, some would say very professional and productive, manipulation of consciousness. 

Good morning!

How many time we say Good morning without even thinking of neither Good not Morning?

How are you?

How many times we ask the question How are you without having in mind the  slightest meaning of How of Are and definitely of You ? 


That is what half-truth society manipulation has done to us. 

We lost the real meaning of the words which are projecting our feelings. If common sense thoughts are applied we could say that we, knowingly or not, are suppressing our real feelings?!?


How comes ? Why ? What to do ? Etc...


I will not engage in analysis of our societies trying to answer the question "Who is guarding the guardians?", as it is not necessary at all! Will quote beautiful thought of Thomas Paine from his pamphlet common sense by letting you know that he and Benjamin Franklin tried to dissuade the French from making French Revolution. 

" Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the later negatively by restraining out vices. First is a patron, last a punisher" 


And regarding simplicity! 

Keep this in mind always! 

It will protect you ! 


"The more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered."


So in order to renew yourself start meaning every word you say! 

Every single word and be ready to engage. No excuses of no time etc..

It will first and most help you!


By doing it you will again, some first time, comprehend that all our life before had a meaning and purpose and that memories are crucial ingredient for us to proceed further! 

This can be done by all of us only if we FEEL intuitively the real LOVE ! PURE , OPEN ARMS AND EYES, TRUE , GENUINE LOVE! LOVE FOR FELLOW HUMAN BEING FIRST ! THAN TO YOURSELF! 

And do not even try do destroy your memories! It will just be a lost time further crippling our soul and our overall human feelings. 

Some of the main stream, white hair models, so called "intellectual yet idiot"

(Nicholas Taleb article at 

 https://medium.com/incerto/the-intellectual-yet-idiot-13211e2d0577) are "teaching" us to suppress our feelings exercising their"humanity and concern" for us not to feel pain! Half true! As you feel the pain and they say throw your memories in the garbage box temporarily you will feel better till the new painful experience and again those "gurus" will tell you to forget and proceed! 


Well dear all , like that you are easily controllable as you are not sure of your self and as those " suggesting" the idea of destroying memories are nice looking, mid aged white hair men , successful( are they really?)in their job you are starting to believe them and then you start to SUPPRESS FEELINGS. Because you think they now better not understanding that they just attack your Human consciousness giving you unrealistic scapegoat. 









Short break from every day routine with a friend of mine at the place you see on the photo attached, was an inspiration to write below short story, which, due to the world we live in, somebody could baptize it as fairytale.


Mediterranean sea.


Exceptional beauty, hospitable hard working people, amazing places to see and yet as many to be discovered telling us the stories about nature and human behaviour.


It is up to us to use it as a connection, exercising respect and restraint, practicing togetherness and mutual aid, in a word, love towards fellow humans and nature.


The story happened a little bit after the mid of the last century somewhere but exactly in Mediterranean.

Even that you learned approximate time of happening I need to add the expression,once upon the time, commonly used in fairytales as when I heard it from the person who lived it , my emotions were the same as when I was reading a fairytale.Clean, pure, genuine and deep.

So,once upon the time in the place situated in Mediterranean baby was born. It was the beginning of the year and it was unfortunate, adverse time as the troubles, in that place in Mediterranean started just a month before a premature birth of the baby. Weighted only six hundred (600) grams new prematurely born baby needed immediate help of incubator. Incubator meant life. But as electricity supply was cut off and supply of fuel for generators in the hospital could not be renewed, incubators could not deliver the hope for the baby to survive. But,as there is always the word but, especially in fairytales,common sense, knowledge, dedication combined with practical thinking skills ( 2+2=4 or 1+1=2 depending from the place in Mediterranean you come from), usually generated fast when we are seemingly in the unbearable situation,shaped new born baby future. And there was a future!

The doctor and the accoucheuse came to an Idea to use ordinary shoe box, to isolate it properly, to cut the small hole and install a blacksmith pump injecting the oxygen in to the box thus making it look like home made, provisional incubator. All was set for the new prematurely born baby boy to survive. And the baby boy survived!

The life won!

After the troubles settled in the next couple of months, as the life was a winner, baby boy parents organised a family gathering. Not only to celebrate the life but also to ask for the opinion what the name of the baby boy could or should be.

Very lively discussion took place as everyone had opinion. It is the custom for Mediterranean people towards the east to have the opinion about everything, even about their own opinion.

First idea was to call him Revenge,as never to forget and forgive and to seek revenge.

Another proposal was to name him Patriot, never to forget his roots and the other was the Gods follower with many more proposals not worthy mentioning at this time.

The family could not decide which name to choose for, now healthy, baby boy.

Discussion continued with everyone supporting and explaing why the particular name will be good for the boy.

Somewhere in the corner the uncle of the boy was sitting quietly obviously in deep thoughts. Suddenly, with overwhelmed  clear mind and widely open eyes he stood up and said: " Come on! Enough. Enough fighting and hate! We need to proceed! We need to choose the path towards the peace. Not to forget! But to forgive!  We need HOPE!

So it is decided?" he concluded his brief emotional speech.

As family was silent trying to digest what they heard he continued: " We will name him HOPE,HOPEFUL! Only by calling his name we, and his future friends and all who will know him will have to mention the word HOPE, possibly creating the genuine positive energy to generate in them selves more of the HOPE for our commom, peaceful future. One day! One day will prevail! So HOPE it is!" he concluded.


As more than a half century passed then new born HOPEFUL HOPE became a grown up man with more than enough weight, living the life of aware human being, expressing him self with wide open eyes and amazing awareness full of HOPE , yes HOPE, always ready to learn! 

Mediterranean has a future! Beautiful future! Follow the HOPE.

This was his story. After letting me know about his experience and after a beautiful mind exchanges I used the expression of 1951 Oscar winner Humphrey Bogart at the end of famous Casablanca movie " This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Which it was ! 

Our hero told me that he is just now discovering his whole country as he could not manage to see it all and it is trying to catch-up. And it goes without saying that wherever he goes the HOPE is delightful follower.

Life goes on with HOPE that love, respect, humanity will prevail.



Philosophy of good news


August 2018





Mediterranean sea

Berlin January 2018

Three days is certainly not enough to introduce Berlin even to yourself some would think.But if it is combined with just a few hours of sleep,nearly 30 kilometres walk, plus more than double by so organised public transport and constant communication with plenty of different people I will be very grateful if the words to follow will manage to pass on  my feelings about the atmosphere I felt. And "so it goes"...


Comming soon... 


Philosophy of good news 

Darko Krstic 

January 2018 




Happy new 2018!  Year of awakening!

It looks at the time of writing, that an American writer Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) had a point when saying 

" We spend first thirty five or forty years of our exsistence climbing a tall ladder in order to finally reach the top of a building ; then once we're on the roof we realize it's wrong building"


The above thought can be applied to individuals as well as to societies, countries.


2018 will give us the opportunity to find out if we are in the wrong building. Or could teach us how to repair at least, or could give us the knowledge how to abandon it without serious consequences. 


We will definitely in 2018 learn much more about ourselves and about our fellow human beings. We will further continue to transmute our mind and perception how the real world should be. 


2018 might become the year of "repatriation" and "redistribution" of wealth. As it can contribute in simple awakening of popularly called "masses".


Concept as we know it does not work. Question arises if we should change the concept(abandon the building) or introduce more human approach and repar it. 

That is the question which needs to be answered , dealt with, by the debt owners as per the "system regulations" at the time of this writing.


Do not remember where did this quote came from but significant it is"Those who control the debt , control everything".


At the first place , to create the debt , you need to create need and "medium of exchange" for that need. Off course all under control of few for the

"benefit"of all. 

Regarding the mentioned few, one could say that like all of the rest of us they have their everyday life, concerns, feelings. Hope that humanity prevails in them as they answer the question                 "What is enough?".


Dear few , you will comprehend that enough is so little. So little needed to be human! And hopefully that you will realize that wars are not the solution, they just buy time as last 2000 years have shown . Humanity is older than that and it will prevail. Be wise and exercise your wisdom! 


2018 will show that everything is relative but at the same time simple.

Simple as fear is gone , manipulation understood.

Central Banks could become the property of the people, for the people , by the people?

Debt could be reduced to zero?! How? Well it has happened,  with experiment of " one time tax relief", "one time "something else  and "only now" another else!

So who said that it is not posible to be one off dept zeroing.


Will it matter? 


Maybe it will maybe will it not!


What will matter is when we ourselves get our deep existence feelings in front and first realize  that we are Spirit, Soul and Body . That we are ONE ! 


And words ! Lot will change to the better. Maybe with some fast passing pain.

When ancient words became racional objects they lost fragments of their obviousness thus "programing" us to go by the path of dualism. 


2018 will be the year of revelation of the Ancient words subtle metaphysical meaning thus changing values we are being "learned" to accept. It will contribute to the process of awakenings.

As one of the results, education as we know it will go through essential changes.

Just to mention GADADHAR CHATTERJEE - RAMAKRISHNA and encourage you to learn more about him.

Ancient words ...! 


You can listen to the song under!


Lyrics of Ancient Words


"Holy words long preserved

for our walk in this world,

They resound with God's own heart

Oh, let the Ancient words impart.

Words of Life, words of Hope

Give us strength, help us cope

In this world, where e'er we roam

Ancient words will guide us Home.

Ancient words ever true

Changing me, and changing you.

We have come with open hearts

Oh let the ancient words impart.

Holy words of our Faith

Handed down to this age.

Came to us through sacrifice

Oh heed the faithful words of Christ.

Holy words long preserved

For our walk in this world.

They resound with God's own heart

Oh let the ancient words impart.

Ancient words ever true

Changing me, and changing you.

We have come with open hearts

Oh let the ancient words impart.

Ancient words ever true

Changing me, and changing you.

We have come with open hearts

Oh let the ancient words impart.

Ancient words ever true

Changing me, and changing you.

We have come with open hearts

Oh let the ancient words impart.

Ancient words ever true

Changing me, and changing you.

We have come with open hearts

Oh let the ancient words impart.

We have come with open hearts

Oh let the ancient words impart."


That changes are already taking place!

In the existing building, still !


More and more people are writing their genuine thoughts, transferring their inner knowledge to the rest, who are, intuitively following and themselves contributing to the positive energy to burst further. The concept is simple , that of horizontal concentric circuits!


Intuition is on high alert theese days.


Just two days ago my first cousin made a surprise announcement that she published her first book called "AMNESIA" . Beautiful words are said about it and what is encouraging, a lot from the young people from 17 till 30 years old. Off course and from us a little bit older! Thank you Marina!  


And this is just one recent example, one of many!


Another one to mention here is by the gentleman who has a beautiful Facebook page called " Vinčanska kultura" with profile cover photo sating "LOVE IS LIFE" and who said to me when asked if I can translate some of the articles - YES ! Let the knowledge spread ! It is free ! Thank you!


And another one, beautiful mind , Romanian theatre director and writer with his articles called "Singuratate"

(Solitude) presenting his view that solitude is bliss as well, taking his readers to another level of consciousness,awareness,awakening them!

Thank you Ovidiu!

Hope to have him translated here as well!  


Or another beautiful mind , Romanian film Director and writer with his "Ballad for my Father"  Thank you Ioan!


I again strongly, genuinely encourage you to send your writings to us and we will be pleased to publish it. Even in other languages! No fear! Forget fear and be what you are! A free, beautiful human being! 2018 will be the year in which we will learn to cope with fear, those destructive fear. 


Everything is positive if it is supplied in the right dosage! That goes for the fear too!


And all will adapt in 2018 to the new, positive , good , human approach. Just it will be. It will happen!


2018 will be a step towards realizing who we are and what are we doing here, without forgetting everyday human pain, concerns about existence and definitely not forgetting how to love! To love with all our being whatever we do, wherever we are. 


It is never boring to love! It is never enough to give love! It is pure, it is human, it is awake!


How nice would be to proclaim that new 2018 will be all about education and awakening ? With pure meaning of the words! Nothing to do with algorithms just an "ordinary" scale from one to ten !!! Think and contribute something positive to the Earth! 



Philosophy of good news wishes that we all realize that 





Happy Awake 2018





Any amount is of help. Thank you. 



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Courtesy of Emina