The story of woven blackout(popularly called Dim-out)

Heimtextil 2018

Being back at Heimtextil after six years was very refreshing! I could see that, we the people, are alive despite of crisis, artificial or not, are keen to proceed with our activities in any field. In that process we are very interested to meet kind,aware and awake beautiful mind people with whom the need for existence as we know it today, can be easily accompanied with broad smiles and positive energy. This is what has happened to me as I had a pleasure to meet the person still full of ideas with vast experience how,where and when to introduce new to the world,having her intuition as guidance.


There are visionaries in every segment of human activity. This will be the story of one visionary from the contract textiles.I will call her with the nice code name " Garbo" till further.


She was the one who,without being a producer, invented today's common textile quality called Woven blackout or just Dim-out. She had a vision,knowledge and intuition, together with tremendous energy and believe in progress! 


Comming soon depending of my memory and her time schedule! 



January 2018




Darko Krstic