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Sunday is the day for a rest in any form or shape. Depends of what one likes. Some like lying in bed, some waking up early. Some just reading the books and some staring at Facebook and Instagram. And some , as me on Sunday 11/11/2018 , fancy going for excursion at nearby place overlooking Mediterranean sea, equipped with book, phone, PC, chargers for both , diary called Blah Blah Blah ,a T-Shirt to change and a lot positive energy.

I felt as a soldier going in the battle to liberate the world from manipulation. Huge task! Idealist I could be called? Does not matter as the overwhelming feeling one have is much more important than the opinion of others.

I started the journey from Nicosia to Kerynia this time using public transport, to have more time to relax and enable my mind to reach a state of increased inspiration and invention and to sharpen my senses. And it worked. I came, ready for new task, to Kyrenia, the place I visited last Sunday with the group of people who were born and lived there and who took us to the places where, at least, I haven’t been.

Last week I decided to make Signs of Kyrenia page on Facebook and subpage at to try to share with my readers the findings, happenings and feelings concerning Kyrenia. Strait from the bus station I went to visit again St. George Church, situated in once mixed neighbourhood of Turkish and Greek Cypriots, we visited last Sunday and to see it from the quiet side as there was no liturgy planned for this Sunday. The doors were closed and I stayed for a couple of minutes enjoying the quietness and remembering the lady of last week who shared her memories about happenings in and around church especially during marriage celebrations.

I tried to recall that atmosphere in my thoughts having faces of the people from the last week group as active participants! It worked! Amazing feelings at a special place! And special it is as there is a story of a couple Turkish Cypriot man and Greek Cypriot woman who got married before 1974 , had two boys( living in USA now) and manage to stay married all these years becoming a key keepers of the Church and overcoming all kinds of pressure from both sides, but also enjoying the support from both sides! The secret is LOVE! LOVE and as my dear new lady friend said ENERGY! Positive energy! Mr. Yasar and Mrs.Angeliki. Unfortunately Mrs. Angeliki died and Mr. Yasar even smiling has sorrow in his eyes when talking about his only LOVE Mrs. Angeliki! Immediately after I went for a traditional Cyprus coffee at the nearby coffee shop, again from the last week, where I saw Ferhat a child friend of Panicos( they met last week after a long long long time!) and enjoyed great backgammon game between two neighbours. Believe it or not they were using and Greek Cypriot as well as their own Turkish Cypriot dialect. It was easy to follow and highly enjoyable atmosphere full of talk, respect, jokes. You can find this kind of atmosphere at traditional Cyprus coffee shops in the whole Island! Unfortunately even this Sunday I did not have a luck to get traditional Cypriot Olive Pie as Hussein bakery did not have any left! Next time I will come earlier and get at least three to surprise my dear friend Panicos and his wife.

As the backgammon game finished I decided to follow the route of last week, at least till the late breakfast time. Going towards the Metropolitan Church of Archangel Michael I discovered Greco-Roman Rock Caves we did not see last time. However a lady architect told us that the rock caves exists and that in the days of House of Lusignan when Cyprus was known as Crusaders Island the orthodox monks were abused by Crusaders looking to convert them to Catholicism.

Taking photos of all available signs, doors, caves, church and mosque I approached famous Kerynia port and chose to sit at the same place our group visited last week. Just seek to develop tradition!

I ordered omelette and soda and started to read trying to boost my inspiration.

It is then, when you do not expect, when miracles happen! There was she! The lady! With Orhan Pamuk book. She ordered a coffee, soda (actually I ordered my soda seeing her ordering soda and it was a winner! Great soda!) and lit a cigarette. She did not have lighter which made her even more sympathetic in my eyes. I know some exceptionally sympathetic ladies with the same attitude, that of smoking but not having lighter! And I started shyly to look at her.

Eyes! Smile and self-confidence.

And we started to talk. Actually I started a conversation refereeing to Orhan Pamuk and his unique novels, and a connection with a Serbian writers and town of Visegrad where the famous bridge on Drina river build by Mimar Sinan for Sokollu Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic still stands connecting cultures and religions.

She told me that after reading Pamuk she has difficulty reading anything else.

We start exchanging writer and novel names trying to "compete" the feeling about Pamuk!

She introduced me to Elif Safal and her book “Three daughters of Eve” and I introduced her to Mesa Selimovic classic “Dervish and Death". She found out that it is rated 5 star in Turkey and I found out that Elif Safak is translated to Serbian and also rated 5 stars!

As I stil have her hand writing in my Blah Blah Blah diary, want to mention another writer Zulfu Livaneli and his novel Serenad! Warmly recommended!

Will quote him at my Philosophyofgoodnews quote of the day Facebook page!

Our talk was going so smoothly and easy that honest, genuine feelings were growing and energy was getting higher. Afterwards we agreed that it looks like Duracell renewable battery energy! Destiny? No! Energy as we both agreed for couple of times. Even, to try to explain the atmosphere we mentioned stars and astrology and future telling from the coffee cup!

But we overlooked one major ingredient - SOUL! As Zulfu said in his novel Serenad

" Everything in life is the state of the soul"!

After some time we realised that we need to go back to reality. No words needed to feel that! But it happened just when I set near her. Things like that happen and have meaning! Meaning of continuity! You seek unlived experiences.

She was going back to her city in Turkey and me back to Nicosia. Even that we both understood that, we continued our talk, being afraid to let emotions go just like that. And then to make things even more complicated I found a quote of Elif Safar( by the way, my lady friend looks like Elif! And she knows it!) and I published it at Philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page which says:

“Every true love and friendship is a story of unexpected transformation…”

I am sure that we could talk and walk days and days and yes, some of the nights too, but, as there is always but, time has come for her to go and catch a plane!

And as she left me dizzy from the impressions I started to walk further around Kyrenia photographing signs on walls, houses, roads…. Coming gradually to the entrance of Kyrenia Castle. Ah that Castle! Another source of inspiration and admiration. Signs of Kyrenia, Philosophy of good news and of course myself first of all got many new information to be gradually presented here. One is certain! People are the same wherever you go and only one ingredient is important! As my dear friend, the lady which looks like Elif Safar said and I must say I agreed – ENERGY! Energy full of positivity. This makes heart to open and love to appear. And love delivers all needed for a good positive life! This is the ultimate goal of Signs of Kerynia and Philosophyofgoodnews! To connect people wherever they are from! To make people to express their feelings easier! Signs of Kerynia will try to pass all that Duracell energy to the readers and then you the readers please pass it on!

As we both said at our first unexpected encounter – SMILE! And feel the SMILE! I must say that her smile, combined with the expression of eyes, gives something of extraordinary to the person on the receiving side.

I felt that my energy went to turbo Duracell making me accomplish so many different tasks on Synday at Kyrenia.

The story will definitely continue as one Corona beer is left somewhere to be offered to the lady from Turkey I had a pleasure to meet at Kerynia! To use a quote,again, of Zulfu Livaneli "If she doesn't like Istanbul, then does she understand love?"




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Signs of Kérynia


Let the knowledge connect us!


In 1926 a gentleman with name or pseudonym Fulcanelli left his book titled " Mysteries of the Cathedrals " to his student and then disappeared! It is known as " most detailed Alchemical manual" as it explains in detail the construction of Gothic Cathedrals with specifics regarding the signs presented.

What Fulcanelli has to do with Kyrenia?

Having in mind that Gothic period was between 12 th and 16 th Century and as Cyprus was known as Crusader State one can find interesting details, symbols in remains of the buildings furthering our knowledge about Kyrenia and of course Cyprus and its inhabitants. Moreover the period when House of Lusignan ruled Cyprus from 1192 till 1489 definitely left some culture and knowledge about Gothic building and symbols. Symbols of builders.

It continued as Venice took over and after with Ottomans and British rules. And all those centuries the people of Cyprus coexisted in peace as neighbours, friends, companions, business partners etc...

Even there were, to use a modern expression, inter communal marriages!

One of those was a couple who managed to get married and to live all this years from 1974 when coup and invasion occurred, to protect the Church of St.George in the part of Kyrenia where Greek and Turkish or Turkish and Greek Cypriots lived together.

Mr. Yasar and now deceased Mrs. Angeliki lived together all these years in harmony and love having raising two sons who now live in USA. In those sad, tragic events many Turkish Cypriots risked their lifes to help their neighbours Greek Cypriots. The same is true in many occasions for Greek Cypriots!

Real meaning of being human is when you help those they are in need, without to ask any award.

Beautiful passage from Lawrence Durrell book The Bitter Lemons of Cyprus when he managed to buy the house with the help of Turkish Cypriot he was sent to by a Greek Cypriot and when he asked who will repair it for him Turkish Cypriot said that the best repair person for his house would be a Greek Cypriot man Andreas, represents the substance how people were living in Cyprus for centuries.


" We drunk deeply and in silence. 'I was sent to you by a Greek' I said, and now the Turk sends me back to a Greek' He( Sabri-Turkish Cypriot)laughed aloud. ‘Cyprus is small ‘he said ‘and we are all friends, though very different. This is Cyprus, my dear'"


And the writer of this article knows and have experienced the same feeling. Namely, yes Turkish and Greek languages are very different but the gestures with hands and expression of the faces with a help of pure Cypriot dialect is confirming that Cypriots are recognisable between themselves!

It came on my mind Serbian writer Ivo Andric, a Nobel Prize winner for his legendary book " The bridge over Drina" as he comes from the part of Bosnia from where Mehmed Pasha( Bajica) Sokollu-Sokolovic comes. Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic Sokollu was Grand Vezier of Ottoman Empire during Cyprus conquest in 1571 and was responsible for secret peace agreement with Venice which produced taking over the last town in Cyprus, Famagusta and death of Marcantonio Bragadin. He aslo paid for the construction of the bridge over the river Drina projected by famous Mimar Sinan the chief Architect of Ottoman Empire.

You can read more at our sub page called "EDUCATION" where you can find an article about Mehmed Pasha Sokollu Sokolovic.


Andric thoughts are universal for all multi ethnical societies especially where Orthodox Christians and Muslims lived or are still living, or are considering to live together. Very important.

From His book Bosnian Chronicle


“No one knows what it means to be born and to live on the borderline between two worlds. What it means to know and understand the one and the other and yet be unable to do anything that might help them explain themselves to each other or bring them closer together. What it means to love and hate either, to waver be- tween the two and imitate now one now the other. To have two homes and yet none, to be at home everywhere and yet remain a stranger forever. In short, to live crucified, but as victim and torturer at one and the same time.”



I do genuinely hope and wish with all my being that in the case of Cyprus, Cypriots will be able to understand and explain themselves to one another and to make this beautiful Island an oasis of peace and respect for all inhabitants. Than Cyprus "model" could be applied to many places on our tiny Earth and Cypriots could become the ambasadors of world peace ! What a chalenge!!!!!!




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