Alchemy and photography

General understanding is that Alchemy is the knowledge of making gold. 

Making gold has two aspects. 

First is to transmute the element, any element to gold. 

They say that some alchemists succeeded in above operation with recipe to stay, still, a secret. 

Another aspect of making gold is for humans to be able to transmute into gold, into a non oxidative, non corrosive, noble metal such as gold which has the color of the sun and no expiry date. 

Gold is the symbol of ultimate value,  ANALOGY of the Sun and Light.  To make gold in Alchemy is understood to find the means of, or drink for, or magic word or magical touch or taste which can enlighten the man, purge him and make him rich and master. We will talk later about Sulfur, Salt and Mercury being red, gray and black and white and silver color. And we will exploit the art of initiation as a forgotten way of giving the means for humans to free their own abilities! Photo taken easy morning and presented here gave me the feeling of being awake, alive and so free.

This is ancient pedagogy where maturity of a man was not recognised by the amount of knowledge but by the ability to be continuously aware of the moments of awakening. 

LOVE.Intuitive feeling of being one( perception of Time and Space)

Courtesy of a friend from Romania

This recently learned beautiful thought of Mihai Eminescu :

"Everything takes time and time takes everything " made its way to the mind ...


And then Questions and answers of Catechism


"What is that ever is?  Space, the eternal Anupadaka( parentless).  What is that ever was? The Germ in the Root.  What is that is ever coming and going?  The Great Breath.  Then there are three Eternals? 


No, the three are one.  That which ever is IS one, that which ever was is one, that which is ever being and becoming is also one: and this is Space." 


We talk about five or seven elements, about semi material ether , about symbols like circle and dot and cross often using phallic expressions , implanted  with purpose to manufacture fear and to gently let us to give up, to stop using common sense, and not appreciate THE FEELING! The ultimate FEELING. 


Genuine human thoughts about Deity are with us at least last 7000 years in different forms. 

Maybe that history as we know it is not as we are taught as it is based on false beginnings. Simply and beautifully done in last six, seven centuries. The history is in front of us and we can not see it. 

Do you have impression that scientific discoveries of today are making us more to complicate our perception than to clear the mind and produce answers to questions? Recently there was an advert about future  "futuristic" vehicles which will have self drive mode. Presenting the driver who moves the chair and sleeps while truck is in self drive mode. Sleep.... Why not read? Why not think?  Well sleep is good. Keep sleeping could be the message?


We try to define Time and Space and our place in it. Looking for purpose of existence using interpretations which are again , in majority, lacking common sense and FEELINGS but presenting "kind of" knowledge.Which knowledge? What is knowledge? What do we call knowledge?   

Does above, actually affects our feeling sensors?


Is there Divine FEELING we all share but due to inflatory using of the words we are actually not able to experience deep meaning? Or can we share without cognize it in its real , genuine , human, divine projection? Is this FEELING "implanted" in our genetic code and then with aim lost somewhere in rewriting the combination of just four letters(C),(G),(A) and (T)? Or may be not lost ,but as being refined,subtle, is  just crippled with kind of produced unbalanced resonance? 



Feeling which is by it self Creation ,non material, not explainable,  non measurable but overwhelmed, entangled by "chemical reactions"?!.  FEELING we all talk about it ,trying to comprehend, appreciate it ,letting to develop by it self, smoothly and gently.At least that is what should be.


Feeling we would give away even our possible immortality , as Mihai Eminescu and Gustavo Adolfo Becquer and many others said .


That, which IS, which ever was and which is ever being and becoming! That which takes and which is being taken( non material!)! And it is again connected with intuition. The FEELING OF LOVE.... 



Continuing ....




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November 2017 






Famous Nikola Tesla photo

AL-KAMIYA (Materia prima)

Or reinventing intuition

( интуиция,αισθητήριο, intuire, hadas, 直覺,  सहज बोध, אינטואיציה,  ինտուիցիա... )

Part 1 of 3

Englishman Robert of Chester completed translation from Arabic of “ The book of the Composition of Alchemy “ on 11/02/1144 ( 5! ) where is a famous dialogue between Prince Khalid Ibn Yazid and Morienus the monk.


When Prince asked him where one can find the thing with which one could bring about Hermetic work, sapient Morenius was silent.  After much hesitation he produced the answer: “ O Prince, I declare the truth to you,that God in His mercy has created this extraordinary thing in yourself ; wherever you may be, it is always in you,and can not be separated from you..! 


From here you could derivate one of the definitions of Alchemy as “ the art of the transmutation of the soul”.


No need for tangled , trapped thoughts.

No need for competition!  No need to measure who is stronger and who is weaker.  Instead be together.  This is not ideology or any other "ology". It is escaping from  the chains of modern slavery.

Think , just think for your self . Free from everyday news , education influence , group thinking. Take your time to think without fear of being not accepted , of being different.

“Other Chemistry” is not about chemical reactions of getting gold from anywhere , it is not about “ Materia Prima” .

It is , then , when intuition is reborn using the initial DNA program we all have ,and comes in the form of those unusual feelings, being sometimes transferred to the paper as a way of escaping from manipulated world.

It is there to discover your self .

Using magic mirrors ? Or not?

Does not matter!

Use your own symbolic which derivate from your own experiences to make beautiful discoveries! 

Think why there was , and still is, an influence of psychoanalysis ,most of all the subconscious doctrine.

With the use of suggestions of different “ specialists” , “experts” building on your fear , disappointment in life and people“en general” there is a replacement of the object of consideration, that then starts happily to acclaim – OH That’s it! You see who is the guilty one!

Calling not for your reason but , rather, for your instinct thus making temporary  association of different people, affected by common passion , common conscience.

This could have been one of the main reasons why “Alchemists” are working outside of the today fashionably called “ main stream” ambiance .

Also it is interesting to notice increase in different life coaches of whom those that teach from there own experience are usually the most successful one, confirming how hungry people became for a simple human approach. 

Alchemists are concerned about covetousness ,which is explained as “ inordinately or wrongly desirous of wealth or possessions , greedy “. 

And this could be the reason why knowledge ( prima knowledge) which is , they say, programed to our DNA and then reprogramed by outside influences and then discovered again( DEVIDE AND UNITE! ) is being passed orally mainly and sometimes in writing , usually in a non sense way to protect it from being misused. Sometimes with success some times not. And seemingly non sense talk could be covered with much sense if you read between the lines with intuition sensors being clean and working ( all this talk about President Trump speech at UN).

Also there is a story of posters found on the walls of Paris 1622 where “Rosicrucians” have announced , warned those who should be informed about specific implications ....

..... Like in Mendeleev periodic table which starts from 1 = H (Hydrogen) and some how number 0 being Aether(fifth element) missing ...just to start shyly “revealing” it self lately.

Or, coincidence or not, the revealing story of electrical engineer John G. Trump being in the group called to inspect,examine Nikola Tesla papers left after his death, and current happenings, especially in Spain and Italy, foreseen by exeptional historian of mid of last century...


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“ There is nothing new, except what has been forgotten “ 


September 19 th , 2017