IASI May 2017

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Here you can find philosophy of good news articles written during and after my trip to Romanian city of Iasi and surroundings.


First article is about IASI 


The city of great loves and ideas! IASI Romania 


Jassiorum municipium or by others from Jassic people -Yazyges tribes or just IASI today,  is one of the oldest cities of historical  Moldavia region of Romania.


It was my first time in this amazing , full of beauty city.


City with at least 600 years history. City with the first university , with the oldest theatre in Romania.


City where poets , and so many great characters lived and are living ,and write , and drink and sing ,chew the air of life sometimes exceeding their lung capacity ! 


Passion ! 


I went armed with some  knowledge of the past from books read , some attitude of the present explained by the people of Iasi living abroad and some of the current trends  which are , in the age of globalisation, everywhere the same. Just somewhere , like flowers , they manage to grow faster and somewhere not.


Globalisation ? Beautiful idea to bring people together, as long as we are brought together without loosing our selves , our history , tradition ,customs , values. As long as we are free to decide our future and chose the path ourselves. As long as there is true and complete respect for differences from all of us human beings. 




The impressions after a week have passed are still strong, ardent , even that  I hoped to have the intensity of felling’s settled before writing. 


One is certain! 


I have visited extraordinary beautiful place.




Beautiful surroundings, awake passionate people , open eyes , smiles and help ready atmosphere everywhere. You open your soul there and do not worry about anything! It will be so well received that you will be amazed . Why? Well you can feel that there was a lot of pain involved in this place ,and maybe it still is. And that is what it makes the people there so understanding , so passionate. But you need to be genuine , as fakes are promptly excluded and dealt with . Iasi is giving you the opportunity to be original , to open your soul , to ,if you lost some pieces, actually find your self again. It is a reward you will get, firstly and mostly from your own self! 


You will meet very polite people and if you have a chance please try to understand the way they express them selves in Romanian. There you say “Thank you “ and they do not say “do not mention it “ or other accustomed expressions. They , all of them, say “placere” ,pleasure. Pleasure to help ,to reply , to communicate , which is often accompanied with hand shake and genuine smile! 


And the eyes ! Expressive , genuine , investigative , natural , that “mirror of the soul” are so amazingly beautiful there that it will stay in my memory forever ! 


One friend of mine at the Facebook has written 




The eyes are the mirror of the soul. 


And she is from Iasi. 


Proud people , and at the same time quiet with manners and respect ,but firm and practical in their replies , always open for conversation, for exchanging views . I have felt that when visiting University Alexandru Ioan Cuza Rectorate and  famous Lost Steps hall.   


Book eaters ! Book lovers ! Open minded knowledge seeking people they are!!!


I also had an opportunity to walk and meet people in tram and at railway station , to make photos , to see expressions of the faces in everyday life moments. And again I was impressed. Impressed by patience , overwhelmed by their smiles and acceptance to talk to a foreigner. Humanity at its best! 




I had very passionate, romantic and at the same time so human and humble experiences . 


Firstly, going to the theatre , and living through  such a great performance( “VISIT” of Friedrich Durrenmatt) in impressive surroundings , done by extremely professional yet authentic actors with such qualities that a lot of theatres world wide would be happy to have them.


That was actually the impetus for continuing the night by visiting the Casa Bolta Rece restaurant where Eminescu and Creanga were spending their time and I am sure , so sure after visiting , finding the inspiration for their work. 




It reminded me of a restaurant near my high school we ,four of us, were visiting while periodically escaping from the school lessons ,and talking , discussing , teaching and being teached from famous writers , poets, we were analysing with great passion  like it was the last  of our life! We were not Creanga and Eminescu but we were in our own world , free, genuine human beings so very curious about everything, actually looking for inspiration, for boost of positive energy to continue with our lives. And it have helped our school grades at the end!   




I am very sure that there are today young and not so young people doing the same everywhere !




And it did not finished at Casa Bolta Rece.




We got “furnished” with two glasses and one new bottle of beautiful and tasty Romanian white wine accompanied with the rhyme of Petru Fantanaru


“ Cute glasses


Since before me to put 


To pour wine into them




Or in Romanian


“Dragalase paharele


Dinainte-mi sa se puna


Sa se toarne vin in ele,


Pofta buna! “


And continued by visiting the park around midnight. Drinking wine from those “cute glasses” with moon and stars being our guardians, we were talking and talking ,laughing , dropping tears, burningly opening our souls as we were completely captured by the atmosphere of the moment.   It was a kind of experience  I will never , ever forget as it was loaded with authentic felling of being happy and alive. 


The rest is history.


With Mihai Eminescu( as he was near!) present in our thoughts as well by below rhyme


“And in this poverty 


You inspire, sing


Barde ‘’’


I have not seen a penny for a century 


I have not drink for a month”


(‘’’ Barde – person who composed epic or melodic poems often by playing harp , lyre etc...)




And in Romanian




“Si-n aceasta saracie, te inspira, canta,


barde -


Bani n-am mai vazut de-un secol, vin 


n-am mai baut de-o luna.”




The rest, second time, is history.




I would like to  wish all my old and new friends from Iasi “Health and good will” as Ion Creanga wished to Mihai Eminescu in one of his letters.


In Romanian 




Will see you again Iasi!




Philosophy of good news  


Darko Krstic 


May 2017







Second article was about immortal Mihai Eminescu


Pain, love and passion of Mihai Eminescu"The Godfather of modern Romanian language"



My first visit to Iasi and my first close “encounter” with the name , personality and greatness of Mihai Eminescu , born Mihail Eminovici in Botosani some 100 km from Iasi , as one of eleven children of Georghe Eminovici and Raluca Iurascu.




If we agree that the men’s character is formed up to teenage years there are two events that have marked the life of young, curious , open minded Romanian Mihai Eminescu.


First being the death of his teacher and his fathers friend Aron Pumnul which happened near him,  and second his first love Casandra Elena of Ipotesti. 


He expressed him self about those two affairs by writing poems.


First being “ La moartea lui Aron Pumnul”( At Aron Pumnuls death)which he signs as M.Eminoviciu,privatist and the second firstly called Elena and then renamed to “De-as avea”(“ I would have”?) which was published in the review “Familia” and signed as Mihai Eminescu. He was 16 years old. 


The rest is for historians , linguists , poetry critics to analyse .


We in philosophyofgoodnews can not , and would not define Mihai Eminescu ,as to define would be to limit him , as Oscar Wilde wisely said . 


We would like to awake , to intensify the feelings of our readers , thus making them to believe in them selves in their abilities in their deep humanity.


And Mihai Eminescu as poet as visionary as human being is exactly the person from whom we can learn how important is to be yourself as 


“ Past and future ,ever blending


Are the truth side of same page


New start will begin with ending


When you know to learn from age”  


( From Glossa 1883)




I am quite sure that all of us men had one Elena, Casandra , Veronica , Mariana , Liliana , Ionela,Gabriela, Mihaela or Stella ,  like women  had Mihai ,John,David, Ionut , Gabriel , Dragos , Valentin , Darko , Stefan , Vasile who have made a strong impression at some moments in our life’s ,thus influencing our future without us realizing it most of the time.


And we all react to that strong feelings .


The beauty of it is that we have Mihai Eminescu poems to enrich our souls, to share the pain we might encounter and to enjoy even more the love we feel !






Wake up! Chose your way whatever that might be and fight for that as a human being.


Mihai Eminescu words woven  into his  poems are a powerful tool for us to awake to feel more intense yet humble and act better as beautiful minds we all are !


And do not be afraid of too much love! Do not question it ! Instead live it! With all your being !




“Remember how in times go by ,


We walked together you and I,


I’d lift you up into my arms ,


So many times , so many times!




The world is full of lovely girls 


With fiery eyes which shine like pearls


But be they angels to my view ,


They are not you , they are not you!”




And in Romanian




“Ti-aduci aminte cum pe atunci


Cand ne primblam prin vai si lunci


Te ridicam de subsuori


De atatea ori , de atatea ori ?


In lumea asta sunt femei


Cu ochi ce izvorasc scantei...


Dar , oricat ele sunt de sus,


Ca tine nu-s , ca tine nu-s!”




From   “ De ce nu-mi vii” “Why won’t you come”




Even when disappointed ,communicate , express your self , destroy the “mute” button , even when stubborn , love more! 


With all your being.


Even in separation “despartire”


“ Yet in a spring the blossom do you remain the while,


With gentle eyes and humid, and tender childish smile;


So much a child , yet seeming each day to younger grow,


And of my fate know nothing , as I too nothing know.”




And in Romanian




“ Ci tu ramai in floare ca luna lui April,


Cu ochii mari si umezi , cu zambet de copil,


Din cat esti de copila sa-ntineresti mereu,


Si nu mai sti da mane , ca nu m-oi sti nici eu.” 


Written 1879 as he separated from beautiful Veronica Micle the wife of rector Stefan Micle .


They say that the relationship between them seems to have the intensity of teenage love .


“ On my shoulder you incline


And your lip’s delicious plunder


Raise up willingly to mine.”




And doubts about faith , about how to proceed , about practical issues regarding Victoria two kids .


“ Isn’t our love an abnormality in the worlds state of things , an abnormality for which they try to punish us”( From the book of Secret Correspondence between Mihai and Veronica)


Seems that he found the perfect addressee and have open him self completely using beautiful expressions when explaining his surroundings


“ cold friends and warm foes”


It looks like that we the curious people are “lucky” that two of them had quarrel ,where angry Veronica asked back for the letters she had sent and Mihai complied. And now we can read them even if my personal feeling is that apart from rhymes , the rest  should stay secret to help us imagine only! 






Mihai , our friend, a friend of humanity have shown us what pain , what love , what passion is capable to do and how all those feelings are unique and strong , and human , and not wrong!




He might lived only 39 years however his “opus” is tens of thousands of pages full of passion, wise thoughts , feelings of all kinds !


Real , so real human being !


In one of his emotional poem called “Immortal poem” Serbian poet Mika Antic is saying


“ In half a century only


yet centuries have I inspected”


Or in Romanian


“ Pentru doar o jumatate de secol,


Secolul a fost de a vizita”


 This is exactly what Mihai Eminescu has done! 


He did not “ nibble the days like a mouse”


He actually have “widely chewed the air overtaking winds and birds” knowing that 


“immortality is short”!


I salute from whole my being the Man who have lived more than century ago and whose words are still immortal ! 







Darko Krstic

Philosophy of good news

May 2017







The third article was about IASI National Theatre


Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre IASI - THE PLACE OF AWAKENING



My recent visit to IASI and impressions I wrote ,wouldn't be complete without an article about Iasi national theatre I have visited for a "Vizita" performance and felt unique atmosphere. 




My first live “encounter” with Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre  has happened the night I arrived in Iasi .


It was Sunday and after checking in the hotel I have decided to drive around alone, with my rented car ,to learn the routes for next day appointments ,to feel a little bit of Sunday night atmosphere and ,definitely, to refresh , renew, my feeling of driving on the left side as my experience of more than twenty years is in driving on the opposite side with occasional exceptions , like this one.


During investigative drive towards Palas moll   I have passed by the Theatre building. 


First time !


And than instead of going to the moll( as I said in my article about Iasi ,the sign of globalisation) I went back and passed second time just to be sure that the building I was looking at ,is The Theatre as I saw in numerous, photos prior to my trip.


And then I have passed the third and fourth and fifth (!) time before deciding to stop somewhere near and walk towards that so impressive building !


Feelings of respect , admiration , and God knows what else ,erupted from my inner self. Even now I get goose bumps when thinking about it! Perhaps it sounds kind of crazy ,however ,I felt that the building was trying to communicate with me ,watching my moves and mimic carefully , trying to learn what this intruder , is looking for at the middle of the night!


Even immovable , or as per our perception immovable, this respectful edifice, opened in 1840, is able to somehow conquer attention of passers-by , to outwit and thus to win them not as blind followers , or only admirers, but as active participants , which one realize when actually enters  the building! I must say that the standard and quality of the people I have met reflects absolutely the beauty , the history , the purpose of The Theatre !




Monday came fast and , somehow , overwhelmed by meeting new people and having work to do ,apart from early morning investigative walk , I cornered the feelings for The Theatre knowing that they will surface in the coming days , first by obtaining reserved tickets and secondly by Liliana’s confirmation of attending the performance with me. 


Tuesday came fast as it is usually happening when you have an amazingly great time. Doing , now traditional early morning inquiring ,long, very long walk through many of Iasi neighbourhoods ,meeting people ,talking, taking the tram and making pictures ,Tuesday was also the deadline for obtaining tickets for Thursday performance at Vasile Alecsandru National Theatre of Iasi. Dressed as jogger I got at the office where the tickets are sold. I asked for Mrs. Simona , even if I found her details on FB and through that application “met” her beautiful family as well.


She looked at me in a professional yet surprised way , but with the disarming smile, making  me , easily , to say in order to justify my appearance  , apart from usual thank you , nice to meet you and looking forward to the performance , that I know about dress code and that I was dressed as jogger due to a long walk I have been doing that day. While receiving precious tickets I also noticed a second smile which made me facilitate and proudly get out of the office thinking that I will remember it for a very very long time.




Wednesday is not very important for my story except that Liliana confirmed that she is coming and thus made me confident that ,even if I saw the performance in my native language and read it again in English to be prepared, I will have an extremely well educated , eloquent lady to enrich the atmosphere and help augment the knowledge.  




The Thursday has come and if I remember, as I do remember but just writing “if” to make it mystic in a kind ,the day was sunny and a little windy and full of expectations ! It is absolutely fascinating to have expectations and absolutely stunning to live it ! 


I will maybe disappoint you as I will not analyse the “VIZIT” performance events in detail , but will focus on the atmosphere I felt . 


I was waiting for my classy date to appear and was caught flatfooted by the beauty ,and elegance of Liliana. She was like a muse , inspiring me to feel more and now to write this article. Maybe I should deduct the word "like"in front of muse and keep only muse as she was and still,I am sure, is muse! 


Going inside of The Theatre is a ritual ! The people attending were beautifully dressed showing great respect , with open eyes, ready to learn and enjoy ! Awake , aware , attentive ,mindful , bursting with admiration and proudness and yet, as I said , being an active participants in the continuing history of “ Vasile Aleksandru National Theatre Iasi” !


The ladies offering the program were awaiting us with a smile, again smile, so natural thing in Iasi and its Theatre that have set my standards very high for future experiences. 


The feeling I had was the one of entering another world ! Another way of living , anticipating , understanding . Divine magnanimity ! 




Together with Liliana we took our seats and ,as awaiting for performance to start ,I was observing people trying to get further inspiration.


One detail have stayed in my mind and it is the beauty , love, respect couples have. Namely , I assume, husband and wife, were exchanging seats between them two times as man was trying to help her to see better the stage. Patiently with such a great tact the man was serving his wife that this have made me very emotional before the performance started!


And it happened ! It started! 


For two and a half hours all of us attending were “hypnotized” with the power of play and its participants! Strongly suggest to read the VIZIT of Friedrich Durrenmatt as it has never ageing issues concerning life, values , love ! 


I  concentrated  on actors expression, tone of the voice, grimace, movement etc... I was amazed with the professionalism, so real authentic acting, yet infused with deep human feelings, and have enjoyed every second, checking from time to time with Liliana my memory of the wording! And memory was working!!!!


Not only actors , and not only main actors Mihaela Arsenescu Werner and Emil Coseru ,even that they gave a special tone and managed to transfer very special feelings to the audience, but all the play participants ! From colleague actors ,which ,even without having a text to say were participating so lively with their mimics , from Light Master, prompter , Technical Director, Art Director and actor , Back Stage and Sound people, Decoration, Costume(The Costumes!!!!) designer , Makeup artists , Music, Graphics, Marketing and Management , till the last but certainly not the least the Director Claudiu Goga  made us all to feel the power of being human !


To learn that we exist and that we can make the difference !


This is what theatres are for , especially THE National Thetare Vasile Alecsandri   Iasi !


And the story continues ...




If you want to live that kind of atmosphere I strongly suggest to “change” theatre destination and come to Iasi even not knowing Romanian language as you will have a life experience !








This article could not be finished without quoting ,great Romanian personality, poet Vasile Alecsandri part of the poem for Elena Negri who had died shortly before following rhyme has been written:




" Pleasures of love ,charming pleasures!


Feelings!Great dreams of a wonderful future!


You disappeared suddenly just like the traveling star


Which leave a deeper darkness after them"







Darko Krstic

Philosophy of good news

May/June 2017







The last but definitely not the least was the article CHOPIN AND EMINESCU which is first time ever that someone has connected those two tremendous personalities. Written in London and inspired by my visit to Victoria and Albert Museum! Thank you !


Chopin and Eminescu


Chopin and Eminescu, Mihai and Frederic could be called magicians of mankind! Beautiful, genuine, human, with common sense, awake, nervous and charming, beautiful, restless, magic minds. Creators of unique opus to stay for all the life span of humans and beyond. One with music the other with words. One more known in the West the other less, but both with unique thoughts, both unhappy in love, both with pain and loneliness, and love for life, both born and died in the age of Romanticism. 


Frederik Frantizek Chopin was born 1st of March 1810 and died 17th of October 1849 , 39 years old.


Mihail Eminovici was born 15th of January 1850 and died 15th of June 1889. He was 39 years of age.


Chopin died ,  and after a couple of months Eminescu was born. Like some divine force had a thought not to leave our tiny planet without immortal beautiful minds. Furthermore the same force decided to change the longitude and latitude as well as the means of communication with the rest of people. Namely from Poland to Romania and from music to poems !


To move from “ joy for the ears” to “ joy for the eyes” both in charge of developing our awareness . Awakenings …


And the same force have managed to trigger the talent they possessed by injecting two important ingredients 




in charge of producing extremely intense feelings which they both knew how to present  to outside world and not without cost.




Both preferred loneliness except when with woman they loved. Potocka and Mickle . Veronica and Delfina .


Both had as Eminescu said “ cold friends and warm foes”!


Both have left us with renewable feelings of exaltation, eminence ,joy and sorrow ,visions ! Rebellion and hope. 




Chopin in his sonata B moll combined demons , dark games of evil forces , remembrance of serenity , quiet days in the middle of most difficult life tribulations , finishing it with kind of posthumous marsh ,fast and powerful like storm . 


Eminescu in his Luceaferul (mild Lucifer!)masterpiece , his “philosophy of love “ starting it as fairytale , and  showing down desires and rejection even when  immortality was on offer ,and then prepared when rejected  to even 


“ lose my immortality for but one kiss of thine !”




And they never ever stop loving and missing their countries Romania and Poland! Eminescu inspired Romanians with his poems ,thoughts .


True patriots both were  ! Very rare human trait today.


Chopin like Eminescu  felt somehow condensed , away from Romania and Poland . Maybe thus nothing in Chopin music is not calculated for outside expressions as it has deep inner value!  


At his funeral Polish soil he  carried in a silver box was sprinkled to his coffin .


Eminescu poems have the same effect ! His words penetrating the deep , sleepy , places in our soul ! 


And pain , lot’s of pain first for not experiencing true love , than fear of being rejected and then when , they thought, love has come , it happened to be unfulfilled ,tearing them apart. 


Chopin  left us with immortal opus and explained him self by following statement in the letter toward Countess Delfina Potocka 


“ Bach is like an astronomer who is finding the most beautiful stars using numbers . Beethoven takes whole universe with the strength of his spirit . I do not climb so high. I have decided long ago that my universe will be human soul and heart !”


Eminescu immortality is here to stay as


“ Godfather of modern Romanian language”! 


“ What is love? Just another way to have pain.” 


And if …


“And if my window feels the branch 


Of a stuttering poplar tree,


It is to make me dream once more


Of clasping you to me. 




And if the stars glow on the lake


And light its darkling shoal,


It is to flood my mind with peace


And quell my roiling soul.




And if the clouds draw themselves back


To let the moon blaze through,


It is to make my heart recall


How hard I ache for you.”




The Original:




Şi dacă... 


“Şi dacă ramuri bat în geam


Şi se cutremur plopii,


E ca în minte să te am


Şi-ncet să te apropii.




Şi dacă stele bat în lac


Adâncu-i luminându-l,


E ca durerea mea s-o-mpac


Înseninându-mi gândul.




Şi dacă norii deşi se duc


De iese-n luciu luna,


E ca aminte să-mi aduc


De tine-ntotdeauna.”




We have our life , our everyday obligations , nervousness and happiness , sorrow and joy ,explainable and not explainable unconscious and who knows how many other feelings as we get lost in trying to comprehend what are we and where are we going ! 


And then by listening music of Chopin and reading poems of Eminescu we understand that music and poetry expressing romance  and love is making us stay alive ! Making us proceed with vigor and awareness of the beauty of life !


At Victoria and Albert museum in London there is a quote above the entrance door which says 


“ The excellence of every art must consist in the complete accomplishment of its purpose” 


Both Eminescu and Chopin have achieved that! 


Each and everyone of you could conclude about their achievements alone and ,why not ,share , discuss it with more people ! And that will give you the answer to what was the purpose of their life !




Darko Krstic

Philosophy of good news 


August 2017