Pain ,love and passion of Mihai Eminescu " The godfather of modern Romanian language"


My first visit to Iasi and my first close “encounter” with the name , personality and greatness of Mihai Eminescu , born Mihail Eminovici in Botosani some 100 km from Iasi , as one of eleven children of Georghe Eminovici and Raluca Iurascu.


If we agree that the men’s character is formed up to teenage years there are two events that have marked the life of young, curious , open minded Romanian Mihai Eminescu.

First being the death of his teacher and his fathers friend Aron Pumnul which happened near him,  and second his first love Casandra Elena of Ipotesti. 

He expressed him self about those two affairs by writing poems.

First being “ La moartea lui Aron Pumnul”( At Aron Pumnuls death)which he signs as M.Eminoviciu,privatist and the second firstly called Elena and then renamed to “De-as avea”(“ I would have”?) which was published in the review “Familia” and signed as Mihai Eminescu. He was 16 years old. 

The rest is for historians , linguists , poetry critics to analyse .

We in philosophyofgoodnews can not , and would not define Mihai Eminescu ,as to define would be to limit him , as Oscar Wilde wisely said . 

We would like to awake , to intensify the feelings of our readers , thus making them to believe in them selves in their abilities in their deep humanity.

And Mihai Eminescu as poet as visionary as human being is exactly the person from whom we can learn how important is to be yourself as 

“ Past and future ,ever blending

Are the truth side of same page

New start will begin with ending

When you know to learn from age”  

( From Glossa 1883)


I am quite sure that all of us men had one Elena, Casandra , Veronica , Mariana , Liliana , Ionela,Gabriela, Mihaela or Stella ,  like women  had Mihai ,John,David, Ionut , Gabriel , Dragos , Valentin , Darko , Stefan , Vasile who have made a strong impression at some moments in our life’s ,thus influencing our future without us realizing it most of the time.

And we all react to that strong feelings .

The beauty of it is that we have Mihai Eminescu poems to enrich our souls, to share the pain we might encounter and to enjoy even more the love we feel !



Wake up! Chose your way whatever that might be and fight for that as a human being.

Mihai Eminescu words woven  into his  poems are a powerful tool for us to awake to feel more intense yet humble and act better as beautiful minds we all are !

And do not be afraid of too much love! Do not question it ! Instead live it! With all your being !


“Remember how in times go by ,

We walked together you and I,

I’d lift you up into my arms ,

So many times , so many times!


The world is full of lovely girls 

With fiery eyes which shine like pearls

But be they angels to my view ,

They are not you , they are not you!”


And in Romanian


“Ti-aduci aminte cum pe atunci

Cand ne primblam prin vai si lunci

Te ridicam de subsuori

De atatea ori , de atatea ori ?

In lumea asta sunt femei

Cu ochi ce izvorasc scantei...

Dar , oricat ele sunt de sus,

Ca tine nu-s , ca tine nu-s!”


From   “ De ce nu-mi vii” “Why won’t you come”


Even when disappointed ,communicate , express your self , destroy the “mute” button , even when stubborn , love more! 

With all your being.

Even in separation “despartire”

“ Yet in a spring the blossom do you remain the while,

With gentle eyes and humid, and tender childish smile;

So much a child , yet seeming each day to younger grow,

And of my fate know nothing , as I too nothing know.”


And in Romanian


“ Ci tu ramai in floare ca luna lui April,

Cu ochii mari si umezi , cu zambet de copil,

Din cat esti de copila sa-ntineresti mereu,

Si nu mai sti da mane , ca nu m-oi sti nici eu.” 

Written 1879 as he separated from beautiful Veronica Micle the wife of rector Stefan Micle .

They say that the relationship between them seems to have the intensity of teenage love .

“ On my shoulder you incline

And your lip’s delicious plunder

Raise up willingly to mine.”


And doubts about faith , about how to proceed , about practical issues regarding Victoria two kids .

“ Isn’t our love an abnormality in the worlds state of things , an abnormality for which they try to punish us”( From the book of Secret Correspondence between Mihai and Veronica)

Seems that he found the perfect addressee and have open him self completely using beautiful expressions when explaining his surroundings

“ cold friends and warm foes”

It looks like that we the curious people are “lucky” that two of them had quarrel ,where angry Veronica asked back for the letters she had sent and Mihai complied. And now we can read them even if my personal feeling is that apart from rhymes , the rest  should stay secret to help us imagine only! 



Mihai , our friend, a friend of humanity have shown us what pain , what love , what passion is capable to do and how all those feelings are unique and strong , and human , and not wrong!


He might lived only 39 years however his “opus” is tens of thousands of pages full of passion, wise thoughts , feelings of all kinds !

Real , so real human being !

In one of his emotional poem called “Immortal poem” Serbian poet Mika Antic is saying

“ In half a century only

yet centuries have I inspected”

Or in Romanian

“ Pentru doar o jumatate de secol,

Secolul a fost de a vizita”


This is exactly what Mihai Eminescu has done! 

He did not “ nibble the days like a mouse”

He actually have “widely chewed the air overtaking winds and birds” knowing that 

“immortality is short”!


I salute from whole my being the Man who have lived more than century ago and whose words are still immortal ! 






May 2017







Thoughts about Chopin

I had thoughts after visiting Warsaw and before deciding to write about such a genius,  as Fryderyk Francizek Chopin, the son of Frenchman émigré and Polish lady, was. Thoughts reflecting our age of “label-driven“”specialist” PhD carriers, “ who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3)how to speak, 4)how to think… and 5) who to vote for “ who are “ passing exams written by people like them”(Nassim Nicholas Taleb article of September 2016"The intelectual yet idiot". And no one is suggesting eighter that all idiots are intelectuals or that all intelectuals are idiots , just discussing the trend in last decades).

And obvious answer emerged!  We all should write about who or what makes us feel nice, motivates us to be and to act as better persons and awakes  us without fear of being judged. And Chopin music express all and more of that.

Listening  to his music you realize how great, first and foremost his soul was! He awakes passionate, delicate feelings most of the time suppressed in us due to many reasons. Even if biographers are saying that he became irritable and naughty at the age of eighteen as his love(always love!) was not returned by Polish singer Kostanca Gladkovska, he has managed to express him self genuinely and has managed to show ,to present, how to free pianist fingers of any barriers. And, if I am allowed to express the feeling ,that, his virtuosity came from his soul, from his inner self and was combined with his life experiences and his love for love, for freedom of any kind. 

And maybe his friend, great Polish poet  Adam Bernard Mickiewicz called him “ moral monster “ the “poet of piano” left us his works which are continuing to enchants with the beauty. 

So many books have been written, so many words flowed explaining Chopin and the aim of this article and this site is not to explain all, to write all. It is to encourage our readers to go deeper by themselves thus developing their own thoughts. Try listening to Chopin and try to remember the music , and then fill the paper with your thoughts and feelings. It sounds like recipe ,but still ,then, leave it for some time and go back to your writings and Chopin music and I am quite sure that you will be amazed with what your soul will be engaged . Should repeat the "dosage" a couple of times.... 

Like piano players of today which ,should definitely interpret Chopin, but always have in mind to free themselves, to open their soul and be genuine! Chopin and his work are definitely great ,powerful motivator for soul searching people.Maybe professors would not like that but this is how humanity advances as unique achievements are made.

The story of Nikola Tesla explain it all(the great inventor did not graduate from the University as his idea of invention of ALTERNATIVE CURRENT INDUCTION MOTOR was rejected by his professor with huge irony involved!). Today we could not imagine our life as it is , without the invention Tesla made. Investigate!

So, maybe, before siting on piano chair , you,  the Chopin lower pianists, students of that so magic musical instrument ,should ask your self -What do I feel? How do I fell? Do I feel ? – and let the fingers transfer your fillings to the keys , thus giving an answer to the question !

They say Chopin said below sentences in his letter to a friend and student Countess Delfina Potocka,  but even if he did not,  it represents his work so beautifully:

“ Bach(Johan Sebastian) is like an astronomer who is finding the most beautiful stars using numbers. Beethoven (Ludwig van)  takes whole universe with the strength of his spirit.  I do not climb so high. I have decided long ago that my universe will be human soul and heart! “

Enjoy Chopin and do not forget, never, that all of us are unique, beautiful human beings!  


March 2017 



Chopin waltz...

Enjoy looking, listening and feeling.

Third date in Toledo - Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

This is part of the story of Gustavo Adolfo Becquer ,born 17th February 1836 in Sevila and died 22nd of December 1870 in Madrid. Romantic, passionate poet who let his feelings flow like waterfall, smooth and with great power.

He have visited Toledo first time at the age of 19 in March 1855 and have felt that some anonymous lady was looking at him from the window covered with the curtain. He came back to Toledo some years after and remembered  the place and the window and went to see it again and as nothing happened he just passed by ,  but at the last moment have noticed that the curtain has moved and  went back to see the silhouette of a lady. There he wrote first and second date rhymes about the love he felt for this anonymous woman. His third visit did not produce anything when he visited the square where the house with the famous window was situated but his attention this time has been given to the songs heard from the near by monastery. He went in and saw the act of drawing the nuns to the monastic life. There he asked if there were some  ladies from the neighbourhood and got the answer that there was one lady living at the flat with the,  now famous,  window and that since she was without parents church has proposed her to become a nun in order to save her from difficulties she could encounter. He saw that one of the nuns to be have looked at him and ,as he first time saw the face of her, he realized how beautiful she was and there he wrote the third date disappointed that he did not capture the moment to meet her before! Here below you will find some beautiful Becquer rhymes! 


For A Glance, The World

"For a glance: the world;

For a smile: the heavens;

For a kiss I don't know

What I would give for a kiss!"

Know If Someday

"Know if someday your red lips

Burn invisible burned atmosphere,

That the soul that can speak with the eyes

Can also kiss with the glance."

What Is Poetry?

"What is Poetry?' You ask as you nail

Your blue pupil on mine.

And is it you who ask it to me?

Poetry is you!"


Why Do You Tell It To Me?

"Why do you tell it to me? I know it: she is mutable,

She is arrogant and vain and capricious,

The water will sprout from the sterile rock

Sooner than the feeling from her soul.


I know that in her heart, nest of snakes,

There is not a fiber that belongs to love;

That she is an inanimate statue but

She is so beautiful! "


You Say You Have A Heart

"You say you have a heart,

And you just tell it because you feel its beats;

That is not heart, it's just a machine

That at the same time it moves it makes a noise."


A Tear About To Fall Showed At Her Eyes 

"A tear about to fall showed at her eyes

And a excuse word at my lip.

Proud did talk and she dried her tear

And the word died on my lips.


Now I go my way and she goes her

But when we think about our love,

I still say 'Why did I shut up that day?'

And she says 'Why did not I cry?."


They say that among his last wishes was for his personal letters to be burned in order to prevent for the world to get hold of it and to publish his rymes.He said that "I will be more known alive than alive", and his wish was fulfilled by his friend poet Ferran.

We will be very happy if you go even further and learn more about this extraordinary gentleman!

Have a nice time!

End of February 2017