Obviously obvious!

It is obviously obvious. But do we comprehend? Usualy  we can not see clearly the object which is just infront of our  nose! Well let me describe!

We are great species! Who ever try to usurp your conscience and implant doubt to your soul that we are not could be just one of those in so called sustainable project. Word sustainable is such a great invention . Those who invented it are those Nicholas Taleb explains in his article from 2016 ( no it is not 1984) called “The intellectual yet idiot".

In order to awake that code we all have as humans, that code which is explained by numerous fellow human beings, one of them saying the humanity is to protect others from ourselves, we all should stop,take a deep breath, concentrate and think!

All above is under attack by every segment of our life. Think! Why banks have attitude to call you on Friday’s to “remind" you about your open issues. Could they await Monday giving you at least a weekend without bad thoughts?

Ask your self why and why and why. But concentrate. And get well, very well informed.

Before sustainable word you might remember how the word progress was introduced. Same thing.

Progress, consumption, material over spiritual values, The rule of money out of thin air, the rule of “polices” of different Central institutions which are made independent only on paper,but as always are depended of those who actually own, or influence them.

Progress, word progress was introduced to us, humble human species, to manipulate us. To increase to the full our desires thus projecting our weaknesses resulting in fears.

Word sustainable is just increasing the fear and dividing us human species further. Divided we will be and very easy to control.

Why me ?

I do not want to be poor. I want money. I live for the moment with five houses and six cars and a private plane and boat without asking what is enough !

When we all understand, and it is possible due to internet as Nikola Tesla projected, only togetherness can make you feel safe and individually grow. When we awake the sensors in our soul ,only then,and only then we will comprehend why are we inhabitants on the Earth and where do we go from here.

246 000 000 000 000 – twohundredfortysixtrilon is world dept as of now. We are living at the times of change as infinite becomes finite.

If we awake,majority, we will stop the bus currently , as someone said, in the blind street going towards the wall to crush. It looks like that we are fighting for the seats on the bus hoping that the crush will make us injured but that we will eventually survive.

What are for us to do every day?

Find ,it is a must to find, more time to think about humanity ,our past and our future. From that thoughts about our past and our future we will develop clear meaning of our life today.

Never forget that it was a past and there will be future. Both are closely connected with every single present time of our life. Those with postulates like ,live for today and today only, are just another product of the same kitchen which introduced such beautifully presented words like progress and sustainability.

Awake and connect and respect and you will see from “small" things how easy is to feel that we are human. Human again. Or human reinvented. What ever it is learn that HUMANITY IS TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOURSELF. And do not judge. Live! Openly and with great positive thoughts!

And help wherever you can. Voluntarily! Because you ARE Human.

Well enough said, you should do some of the thinking and practice it by yourself. Happy awakening !


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From OXygono event ! Great organisation!

One swallow does not make a Spring. Or it does?

The above expression( first part as the second part is my addition) is well known in several languages and it has the same meaning in all of them. 

It was used by a beautiful mind gentleman, my good friend, customer and a person of great heart and soul ,in his seventies now ,who is coming from Famagusta ,finding his new home in Limassol after 1974. He  used it when I shared my experience of the event beautifully organised on Tuesday 19th of June at University of Cyprus by OXygono, independent, non governmental,non profit organisation, with the guest speaker Mr.Nikos Christodoulides the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus. 

He used the above expression even before I could have the opportunity to inform him about the title of the event " Can one man change the mentality of a nation?" as I was concentrated informing him about how did I feel listening to the participants. And particularly when I said that my feeling was that CYPRUS HAS FUTURE he humbly said that "One swallow does not make a Spring". Well it was not only one at the event ,but the one taliking was very refreshing and I had a feeling that more Swallows will follow and that eventually ,and this is not wishful thinking, we will experience a beautiful , safe Spring! 


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June 2018 


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NO= (N)ew (O)pportunity

Tramp at City of IASI Romania

How many of us heard the word NO?  Maybe it would be better to ask if there is anyone who never heard simple word NO? 


As the writer of this passages is sure that the word NO is widespread and much more used than the opposite Yes we will try to make our readers to see every rejection as new opportunity. 


Some nearly three decades ago I read with great zeal the book " Swimming with the sharks without being eaten alive" where first lesson in sales, if memory serves me well, was to start saying 


No no no no no no no no no no no...... 


No no no ( it was a whole page of No!) 




Till your tounge starts bleeding or similar. 


The same expression was used and by a composer explaining to the singer how he wanted her to perform his songs.  Namely to have her tounge bleed from passion. Otherwise she would have received one simple NO and her career would have gone another way. 


Apparently it is the way to express deep feeling connected with pain. 



Obviously No in that book wanted to emphasise a negotiating value of NO. However, we negotiate all our lives! Sometimes being rejected sometimes not. But as long as we inhale and exhale and inhale we should at least enjoy! 




Rejection costs only if you forget to be your own best friend and continue walking. You definitely remember famous advertising "KEEP WALKING"!  



Your look to the word NO as to other things in life and faith shouldn't be flat. Should be posetive and deep and multidimensional, however hard it looks at the time. 


Here below is my favourite example from you tube. 


Make 4 equilateral triangles using 6 matches... 


(copy and paste the link) 







Be aware of self worth as you are unique!  Learn from every moment.  There is always something to learn. Look at it as a mosaic you are filling up every day with new part, mosaic which will stay beyond you for the generations to come. 

There are ups and downs, and like a failure is just a success delayed, like the No is just the Yes in waiting, downs are just the beginnings of ups. 

But be aware also that there is a vice versa process so when you are up think of down and when you get Yes consider the No. When you succeed be prepared for failure as all are the parts of life. And look at it  as a new opportunity enabling you to fulfil your self in the privilege called Life! 


And Lough!!! LOUGH! LOUGH A LOT! 



Lough with the lungs full! 


I think that the first lesson should be, instead of learning to say NO NO NO.... 


to learn how to lough with full lungs! 


So let's start with the first lesson to be repeated for the rest of our LIVES coming FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SOUL! 




As with lough tounge does not need to bleed! 


"Be the reason  of someone happiness, not just a part of it and

Be a part of someone sadness never the reason of it"


Be a Conscious Human Being ! 





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June 2018


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Music is for playing

Yesterday's concert of Maria Raducanu and Sorin Terinte organised by Romanian Embassy in Cyprus and held in always spiritual Casteliotissa Hall in old town of Nicosia, the last divided capital of Europe,brought from the back of my mind the story of George Enescu and his father. 

Namely, the story tells that when the father of Enescu urged his son to start  Solfege education in order to learn writing of the notes he as a child replied :"Father music is not for writing, it is for playing"


This impression, I am sure, we as audience got from the first song of Maria Raducanu followed so smoothly yet professionaly by Sorin Terinte on piano. Even as Maria conveyed to me that she writes music I was convinced by her soul performance that she lives every word and every note as a genuine feeling with no need to be written. It goes into the minds of the public easily and it stays there. 


Even that Romanian is not my mother tongue I could feel deeply. 

Music and voice, voice and music were coming from hidden places of the soul we all have.  And it managed to penetrate mine. For a couple of moments, powerful moments. 


You do not need the notes, you need soul which feels and heart which loves! 


And all is tangled with pain and common sense and smile as counterweight.


Than it comes the air and sound of Raducanu voice, breath of hope and again laugh awaken with pain again. 


And when you think that everything is finished and there is no way out you realise as Sartre that 

" Life begins on the other side of despair"


As Raducanu said Romanian music is full of contrast. 

And that's what life is. Contrast. 

Contrast which starts with pain. Pain then generates mockery and farce till the next breath. Breath of love just one look and one kiss. Only. 


And then again! 


You awake, and listen to the practical advice Raducanu gives to all brides to be! 


Like Cantec de Cununa or Wedding Song which says 


"Only you young bride 

Yes, only you, crazy girl, 

don't cry after the marriage, 

don't cry after the marriage! 


If you got a groom acting as an emperor 

But in the garden is not like in Heaven. 


Only you, young bride, 

only you, crazy girl, 

don't cry after the marriage, 

don't cry after the marriage! 

Hey, if the bride cries and screams, 

that she won't be a girl anymore in summer! 


Offer him your lips, offer him and offer him. 

Ifyou could travel the whole world

You wouldn't see any white raven, 

neither a daughter-in-law who's dear to her mother-in-law. 

Bring him your lips and... him. 


Offer him you lips, offer him and offer him. "


And if the lips produce the same feeling Eminescu had when kissing Micle so much the better! 


Never mind immortality!!! 


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Wedding Song

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Planet Earth

IS there a bigger picture than Gas, Energy security, paper money and power? Is there a huge eternal "picture" behind low and high, exceptional and ordinary, crypto currencies and central and above central banks and, and, and...?  




Yes! There absolutely is. 




Simple it is yet difficult to achieve even that it is every day in front of our eyes. 


Simple because we are governing it and at the same time difficult because the whole concept is made to take it from us and in a way manage it for us. 




Just simple TIME. And it is not to be defined it is to be lived!!! 






Concept is in place to "teach" us our obligations from the beginning. To teach us to "evaluate" and to accept to be evaluated. To present to us humanity and universal values and immediately degrade it with antagonism over various test results.


Everything is made to be measurable from that sample of one meter to be seen in Paris after French revolution.


In the name of "progress"! What a word.


Became international and is used everywhere. Ask your self what progress? To make us lazy and indifferent? To teach us greed? To force us to antagonise instead of doing things together. To teach us that we are too many on this planet ? With the layers of humanity always! Just to cover nicely the real purpose and being ready to react to the thoughts of all who use common sense and are awake and aware and immediately etiquette them. 


All in place to take the time without giving too much back. 


It is not about paper or metals it is about time as there is a process of awaiting. 


What? Those they await they know. Simple. 


Simple as


1) There is absolute control of the supply of money. Paper money presented to us not as a debt as it should be , goods being an asset , but as crucial means for existence. 


2) As number 1 applies number two is to make us DEPENDENT on paper money.


3) As 1 and 2 are applied than we have number 3 to produce greed and make us wanting, remember WANTING, more and more and more not realizing that when you have more and more and more of more to more of more you are still simple pawn. Very few if any are making it till the end and become queens !Do not forget that the King is one.


4) Once 1,2 and 3 are applied there is number 4 which is crucial and it is artificial but as society becomes zombified it is possible. Educational System, Educational Concept.

It is made to become a tremendous business depending on paper money for the survival. Who controls paper money? And all the concept of governing ? 

It is developing towards total control over common sense loosing rationality. First and very important aspect being – losing concentration for substantial development. 


Could it be that WE THE PEOPLE are presented with LIES where the truth is known only to those that are from inside?


Could it be, as suggested by some, that LIE is divided in LIE 1 and LIE 2 and then WE THE PEOPLE are positioned between those two ?




Do it by your self.




Everything else derivate from the first 3 incorporated in number 4.




All that for what? 


For awaiting what?


Could  be called final time ? Just there is a simple issue. No continuity. 


Theory of natural philosophy of "mysterious Srb" Rudjer Boskovic has some interesting thoughts elaborated. 




Is there a possibility that word "Sustainability" is being introduced to a wide public just like that?


Is it possible that public figures are openly talking that there are too many of us living on this planet?


Instead to use , yes use, that tremendous energy of plenty of human beings to work TOGETHER towards development of "Perpetuum mobile" society we continue to be indoctrinated with extreme stupidities.


Each of us has to govern own time freely, and for that one decision is needed. And the things will continue to change as they have started to change already. 




Even that it is difficult to explain simple facts and thoughts we need to try and try and try and try and we will succeed. 


Have you noticed as well, that when you try to explain something simple majority of the people are loosing interest to hear?


That is another product of education system made to produce more and more and more explanations just in order to make things even more complicated making you to LOSE TIME without going anywhere out of the circle. 




Just imagine if we all, all of us, use our time for free thoughts and observations! Just imagine what would happen to our earth and us as humans. Imagine wrongly etiquetted UTOPIA to become reality! And it is possible. This is why concept is made to look free and to present to you other ideas which are then so much inflated and washed in the "collective" brain that you do not pay attention to it as THERE IS NO TIME!


And then you have a creation of quotes!








Instead of maybe 








It would be interesting if we could make the concept to serve us THE PEOPLE instead of WE THE PEOPLE serving the concept. 



 Observations of free mind are creative and productive. Contrary to the education system which is made today just to explain and discuss already known knowledge ,crippling  desire to invent, to proceed. Takes time to overcome manipulation but it is worthy.  

As it is our Time. 

Lets make the time to become our servant instead of being the servant  of time!

It is in our nature as human beings just it is hidden deep inside of us. 

Take it out! I am so convinced that there are very many people on this planet who will contribute for the simplicity to finally win , as “simple things are not crucial(only), they define everything” !






April/May 2018

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Friday 13th,Templars and current events

Coat of Arms of Jacques de Molay - Wikipedia

Friday 13th is known ,to put it mildly, as unlucky day, As that day there was a raid where Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knight Templar, together with other Templars was arrested. Brutaly tortured until they confessed to FALSE charges including spitting on the cross, financial corruption, fraud, homosexuality and more.

Despite of the absence of evidence other than made by torture they were dissolved as an order and De Molay was executed in 1314.


To stay short,due to busy schedule we all have and can not concentrate for a longer period let's state some facts and please,if you like, go further. 


He wanted to REFORM and ADJUST the order.

Others wanted, to continue mildly, to CLAIM THE WEALTH of Templars as their own under FALSE CHARGES,by then King of France who was in DEPT to Templars.

And it happened on Friday 13th 1307.

After Templars destroyed, or maybe, just maybe not all of them, some four centuries passed till new "secret societies" "following" Templars secret initiation ceremonies were formed and are existing till today. How,why,if,or,who etc.... just does not matter.  It matters if we as a humanity will survive or not. 


And before giving an end to this short article let me quote just great late Carroll Quingley ( from his book WEAPONS SYSTEM AND POLITICAL STABILITY - A HISTORY) 


"Many years ago, when I talked of this matter to 

my students, all in uniform and preparing to go off 

to fight Hitler, one of them, who already had a doc- torate degree in economics, challenged my view that 

politics is more fundamental than economics. The 

problem arose from a discussion of the Nazi slogan 

"Guns or butter?" I asked him, "If you and I were 

together in a locked room with a sub-machine gun on 

one side and a million dollars on the other side, and you were given first choice, which of these ob- jects would you choose?" He answered, "I would take 

the million dollars." When I asked, "Why?," he re- plied, "Because anyone would sell the gun for a lot 

less than a million dollars." "You don't know me," 

I retorted, "because if I got the gun, I'd leave the 

room with the money as well"


Someone wants to REFORM AND ADJUST, someone wants to CLAIM THE WEALTH under FALSE CHARGES as it is IN DEPT. And, even if obtained with guns, it will just not be enough as by projection of the same memorable professor late CARROLL QUINGLEY and others which are contributing to humanity by their thoughts there is a blind Street we are in and they know it. Cooperate!! !!  Do not destroy!  Cooperate as there is a place for all!  Let common sense prevail! 




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P.S. Hope that this is just a coincidence as months do not matter... 

13th 1307 = 6

13th 2018 = 6










"The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of love"

Casteliotissa Hall Nicosia Cyprus

The above quote is taken from the great, immortal Mihai Eminescu and it does describe my sentiment towards the event "The language of love"!



The Concert was held at beautiful Kasteliotissa Hall situated in the old part of Nicosia. Built in 14th Century and used for different purposes since, and from 1990s is used occasionally to stage cultural events. 


It is a place which is definitely compatible with words like music, humanity, love, respect, togetherness. Worthy for splendid, magic love songs of immortal composers like Berlioz, Tchaikovski, Liszt, Bizet, Enescu, Debussy, Rachmaninov and Mozart beautifully performed by an artists Alina Bottez-Soprano, Catalina Tecian-Piano and with the participation of Menelaos Menelaou-Violin.


From Tchaikovski “Deception”( Razocharovanye), through Rachmaninov “Oni otvetchali”, Liszt’s  “Comment, disaient-ils”, Bizet “ Chant d’amour”, Enescu “ Changeons propos” to Mozart “Dans un bois solitaire” and finishing with a part from opera Carmen we were taken, briefly unfortunately, to the world where the above words govern! 


We were reminded how easy it is to discover our humanity and how fragile our existence is. 


We were witnesses of the exceptional performance of Mrs. Alina Bottez whose unique angelic voice and mimics describing different human feelings made me think that it is crucial to give emphasis on methods rather than on goals. If first is prime second comes by itself. And this is happening only if the rules are respected.


I was in the state of awake dreaming and at the receiving end of all that delicate positive energy produced by, carefully chosen and, I must say again and again, beautifully performed program.


At the end, overwhelmed with all that divine feelings I couldn’t talk much! 


I was concentrated on reading short biographies of two French gentleman Mr. Robert Ficheux

(1898-2005) and Mr. Emmanuel de Martonne (1873-1955). Both geographers and both gave a contribution in forming of Romanian State after the end of the First World War and on 01/12/1918.


Even though I did not investigate if the above great gentleman listened to the music we had a privilege to hear I am absolutely sure that they both had feelings of love and respect and humanity and togetherness towards Romanian people. And that, connected with their deeds makes them immortal and I thank them for existing. This is a little selfish as their existence together with the 100 year anniversary of Romanian State made Romanian Embassy in Cyprus and The French Institute of Cyprus to, marvellously organise the concert “LA LANGUE DE L’AMOUR” giving us the opportunity to “calibrate” our everyday life feelings.


This sublime, inspiring excitation is with me still, even though a week has passed, and I would like to wish that we will have more opportunities to attend such resplendent events.




Philosophy of good news 

March 2018






Nicos, his tricycle and fresh pies inside!


In today’s highly technological world full of button run cars, computers, mobile phones and other devices, useful or not, is there still a place for fairy tale? Is there an answer to the question “What is enough?”. Is there a place for the “last Mohicans”?


Last Mohican who will remind us that there is always a light in the tunnel as long as we believe in ourselves, as long as we are aware of our abilities, our, first and foremost, humanity!


And the answer is …..




There is a fairy tale, there is “last Mohican”, there is the light in the tunnel and it is happening in Nicosia, last divided capital of Europe, capital of “The super power of Mediterranean – Island of Cyprus”




Every morning, for more than twenty years, our Hero, with his precious companion, unique tricycle, could be said a man-drawn chariot, his mobile bakery shop, is offering fresh and traditional tahini, olive and haloumi (famous Cypriot cheese) pies.


Nikos is second generation! His father Kokos( George) has started the business which he and his wife are proudly continuing. His adeptness with "chariot"is an art by its self. “Driving” his beautiful tricycle in the roads around old part of Nicosia he is aware of the measure, size of the roads and is always leaving the space for the cars to pass smoothly. You can hear his voice acting as forewarning for the coming cars, informing about the food on offer and calling for the customers to prepare the order as time is precious for all. It is so recognisable voice that sometimes produces, in many, a famous “Pavlov reflex” urging to become hungry!  Again!


But, even that time is precious (so we all say till something interesting comes out and refute the statement)there is always need for a chat as well. Chat about weather, political and economic situation in Cyprus and concerns about people suffering elsewhere, Nicos is admirable example of mind plentiful with common sense thought which in our days is not so common to find. Some of the customers, traditional also, are seeking not only a fresh pies but also a boost for hard working day, which common sense,  combined with genuine human thought can provide! Like an early morning doctor of good mood and awakening. 


Nicos is following tradition in variety of the food on offer as well as about decoration of his companion.

As we are approaching Christmas holydays Nicos introduced Kourabiedes  (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qurabiya)  and Melomakarona (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melomakarono) , traditional sweets found in every home in Cyprus during this period. I have tried both and after nearly three decades here I can say that they are still genuine homemade quality.


Furthermore, with the help of his wife, definitely, he has decorated his companion to be in tune with Christmas and New Year holydays as you can see in photo attached to this article.

At the end I would like to join with other traditional and non-traditional customers of Nicos and to wish him Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2018.

Hope that he will continue to offer us his specialities for a long long time providing us with even more light in the tunnel we are in!


Nicosia Cyprus

December 2017



Time is forever. Use yours making history of common goodness!


Different people from different places , with different desideratum, usually involved with public opinion ( whatever does that mean) , inside of ,lately educated (by), globalised world "universal" standards excluding some important ingredience, like going from especial toward broad instead of vise versa ,have an idea ,that the time is only at present. That is constantly present.

Do we need to practice sequence of tenses then?


Our common sense could agree ? !

Just as previous word is in no time span. Nor THIS. or THIS. It looks like it is an idea to lose time of magic thing called life by trying to catch it. And never you will. 


To run , to use every second given as a privilege of us alive , to live only present time ? Is this what is implied? No need to think , to build or make history for common good for all of humans? Just live for today? 


And if something can not be explained using common sense like Archimedes use it , then mathematics comes to rescue . And offcourse specialists saying that their education is PhD in this and Master in that ,filling blank paper with all their intricate seriousness , temporarily incapacitating free reasoning . Again making the rest to lose their precious , magical , privileged time to concentrate and think.


If the time is only present , the previous said is "only" history and it is not necessary to comprehend , not necessary to concentrate further to think


a) what we have done

b) what we will do


Does this perception make purpose of life to be degraded to "today only" in the "new scientific" way , covered by diplomas obtained as Nicholas Taleb presented it in his article " The intellectual yet idiot" ( it goes without saying that it is not generalised and comprehensive). 


The purpose of life  making human, common good, history of mankind as main goal is changed with the purpose of running after never reaching time?

By running all the time for time we actually lose time! Lose it big time! 

Where do we stand (if) then ? 

Think . Think about emotional films being presented to you , looking so human and clean that all are looking and few are seeing that the message is , live for today. But it is so emotional that we just do not see it .

Somebody said that , it is important to know how to begin conversation ,and that it is extremely important to know how to go out of it as the last message stays. And when it is covered or ,for some, accompanied with strong emotions it stays for a long time inside of our memory .

Is this present time? 


What about past?

Who's idea was / is to " never look back" ?

Who's idea was/is to " forget our past" in order to proceed with life?


Is "forgeting" an answer?

To forget our past , our tradition, our difficulties, our experiences , our achievements , our failures and successes ? 

But that is OUR LIFE!





And it would be great for you to practice making history of common goodness every day by using you precious time with wisdom.


And look back with pride as it is you ,you are looking at!

By facing the past we will definitely make the future being better through present !  WE actually will sequence the tenses! And will be fulfilled !


Definitely we will continue writing around and about time and space and connection we all have inside of us.


Or maybe we could just explain time as Borges 

" Being with you 

and not being with you

is the only way I have

to measure time"


And practice love all the time! ☺ 





November 2017


















Danube, Morning Sun and me

Dear readers 

We have passed forty thousands (40000)unique visitors with the number of repeaters growing amazingly. 

Just last week I heard one, first of all great man and character and then archaeologist using the expression first used by Marko Miljanov which my father taught me.


This site was created having that saying in mind and through it to contribute as much as possible to the awakening, awareness of us THE PEOPLE. 

It was created to refresh the heart and soul, to help us understand the essence and stop being the “slaves” of form.

To” trigger “ the thoughts and feelings we all have  some in front and some deep inside. 

The story continues as world continues hopefully in peace and prosperity. 

Thank you! 


October 23rd 2017

Nicosia Cyprus 




Understanding mentality

Beautiful Earth 🌍

Understanding mentality and the future of the known earth 

" How do wars start?  Wars start when politicians lie to journalists, then believe what they read in the press. " Karl Kraus 1932

I would add that complete misunderstanding of mentality and customs  can lead  to war. 

It IS less important issue if we Europeans do not understand the mentality of Middle Eastern people or vise versa. Or if Africans do not comprehend Asians or Indians. 

But it IS terribly important for people having tremendous powers in their hands ,not to say fingers, to understand each other mentality.Personal stubbornness ,animosity because of minor defeat ( in this case elections ) can not prevail as it IS costing whole earth. Mildly said , it IS very irresponsible. At the same time it IS of tremendous importance to share human values ,to meet and discuss without interference of different people representing individual or temporarily made group interests . This Earth IS of all of us. And we all need to get involved as it IS about the future of our planet. All of the parties involved should understand that there are so beautiful minds around us ,those that have knowledge of how it IS possible to vibrate , resonate and synchronize.

There IS no issue of the winner. 

All of us will lose. 

So understanding mentality , respect it , acknowledging humanity of all and anti manipulation projection should be in the core of the minds of all fellow human beings. 

And in order to understand we need to comunicate with responsibility, first of all to our tiny planet. 

Like that we are all winners as our Earth , precious Earth , IS safe!


Autumn 2017


State of human exsistence

Saachi Museum London - Selfies -

Will we be strong enough not to become devoid of thinking? 

Will we turn ourselves to reason instead of impulse?

Will we manage not to be just statistics ?

Will we manage that our kids and their kids, kids will read genuine fair tales like we did ? 

Will we educate and upbring personalities  instead of narrow specialists ?

Precision or all-roundness ? Synthesis ?

Will we have the strength to practice togetherness ?

Will we win back the real subtle meaning of words like LOVE, SOUL , TIME AND SPACE ?

Will we? Or will we not? That is the question!


Hope very much that WE WILL and that it will not  be very costly for humanity!

Coming soon...

And then following article came to my attention making me to share it with you dear readers.

Kindly read it and pass it on 


Some Thoughts and Advice for Our Students and All Students


August 29, 2017



"We are scholars and teachers at Princeton, Harvard, and Yale who have some thoughts to share and advice to offer students who are headed off to colleges around the country. Our advice can be distilled to three words:


Think for yourself.


Now, that might sound easy. But you will find—as you may have discovered already in high school—that thinking for yourself can be a challenge. It always demands self-discipline and these days can require courage.


In today’s climate, it’s all-too-easy to allow your views and outlook to be shaped by dominant opinion on your campus or in the broader academic culture. The danger any student—or faculty member—faces today is falling into the vice of conformism, yielding to groupthink.


At many colleges and universities what John Stuart Mill called “the tyranny of public opinion” does more than merely discourage students from dissenting from prevailing views on moral, political, and other types of questions. It leads them to suppose that dominant views are so obviously correct that only a bigot or a crank could question them.


Since no one wants to be, or be thought of as, a bigot or a crank, the easy, lazy way to proceed is simply by falling into line with campus orthodoxies.


Don’t do that. Think for yourself.


Thinking for yourself means questioning dominant ideas even when others insist on their being treated as unquestionable. It means deciding what one believes not by conforming to fashionable opinions, but by taking the trouble to learn and honestly consider the strongest arguments to be advanced on both or all sides of questions—including arguments for positions that others revile and want to stigmatize and against positions others seek to immunize from critical scrutiny.


The love of truth and the desire to attain it should motivate you to think for yourself. The central point of a college education is to seek truth and to learn the skills and acquire the virtues necessary to be a lifelong truth-seeker. Open-mindedness, critical thinking, and debate are essential to discovering the truth. Moreover, they are our best antidotes to bigotry. 


Merriam-Webster’s first definition of the word “bigot” is a person “who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.” The only people who need fear open-minded inquiry and robust debate are the actual bigots, including those on campuses or in the broader society who seek to protect the hegemony of their opinions by claiming that to question those opinions is itself bigotry.


So don’t be tyrannized by public opinion. Don’t get trapped in an echo chamber. Whether you in the end reject or embrace a view, make sure you decide where you stand by critically assessing the arguments for the competing positions.


Think for yourself.


Good luck to you in college!  "


Paul Bloom

Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology

Yale University


Elizabeth Bogan

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Princeton University


Nicholas Christakis

Sol Goldman Family Professor of Social and Natural Science

Yale University


Carlos Eire

T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies

Yale University


Maria E. Garlock

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Co-Director of the Program in Architecture and Engineering

Princeton University


David Gelernter

Professor of Computer Science

Yale University


Robert P. George

McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions

Princeton University


Mary Ann Glendon

Learned Hand Professor of Law

Harvard University


William Happer

Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Princeton University


Martha Himmelfarb

Professor of Religion

Princeton University


Robert Hollander

Professor of European Literature and French and Italian, Emeritus

Princeton University


Joshua Katz

Cotsen Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Classics

Princeton University


Thomas P. Kelly

Professor of Philosophy

Princeton University


Sergiu Klainerman

Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics

Princeton University


Jon Levenson

Albert A. List Professor of Jewish Studies

Harvard University


John B. Londregan

Professor of Politics and International Affairs

Princeton University


Uwe Reinhardt

James Madison Professor of Political Economy and Public Affairs

Princeton University


Michael A. Reynolds

Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies

Princeton University


Jacqueline C. Rivers

Lecturer in Sociology and African and African-American Studies

Harvard University


Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe

James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Princeton University


Harvey S. Rosen

John L. Weinberg Professor of Economics and Business Policy

Princeton University


Marta Tienda 

Maurice P. During Professor in Demographic Studies and Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School; and Director, Program of Latino Studies

Princeton University


Noël Valis

Professor of Spanish

Yale University


Tyler VanderWeele

Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Director of the Program on Integrative Knowledge and Human Flourishing

Harvard University


Adrian Vermeule

Ralph S. Tyler, Jr. Professor of Constitutional Law

Harvard University


Keith E. Whittington

William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics

Princeton University


it can be found at 



Thank you !




Philosophy of good news and myself

The Journey

After having some hesitation to write about myself publicly I have decided to do it as you readers of Philosophyofgoodnews are growing and slowly we are becoming one family. 

With your likes and comments , contributions, you are introducing your selves to me and other readers and as a matter of respect to you all I decided to introduce my self . 

I am Darko Krstic born in Belgrade half century and some change ago ,living last 28 years in Nicosia .

I was also thinking how concisely to share my life with you ,having fear that I might go to deep and to wide . Now that I started to write I feel that the fear is becoming afraid of me!

The events that have influenced my life were the death of my mother when I was 14 and the death of my father when I was 22.

Both have tremendously contributed to what I am today without me being able to comprehend that at the time.

When my mother died I lost first teacher ,the person who taught me practical, mathematical skills , planting the feelings of love and respect for myself and fellow human beings.

I felt alone ,even that my father,brother,cousins, my friends were with me giving me all the love and care I needed.

And then I discovered a new friend!

Blank piece of paper !

And I wrote my first rhymes 





Blank paper continues to be my trustful friend even that todays technology made us to type more than to write . 

The death of my father left me without my very best friend .

A friend who taught me to read between the lines , to believe in my self , to be diplomatic and sharp , to play chess, in short to be what I think I am today!

I can see that clearly now, when ,as one great writer said , I know the beginning and can see the end.

In translation could have been called wisdom.

After finishing High School I started university to become electrical engineer and instead of continuing I started work and at the same time attend Higher School of Economy to become economist what ever that word might mean today.

The company I was working for decided to send me to Nicosia to our daughter company.

Coming to Cyprus 1989 had a huge impact to my professional and personal development.

Professional, as I learned better business and banking practices, improved my communication skills in English and many more practical things which helped me in my future professional development.

Personal, as I met my future wife and mother of my three precious children.

In those days my fiancée, Greek Cypriot refuge and myself refuge in making went back to Belgrade to start our life as a couple. She followed me without hesitation. Great lady!

And then after spending seven months in Belgrade we have decided to move back to Cyprus and continue our life here in Nicosia as troubles started in than called Yugoslavia.

Now let me fast forward and bring you up to date .

We came to Cyprus and continued our life starting again from zero.

I found work in Cypriot company, after couple of years made my own, sold it on the stock exchange, continued to work and develop , got three great children, got divorced , decided and establish www.philosophyofgoodnews.com , got involved with toastmasters club delivering approximately the same "ice breaker" speech you are reading now,  continuing the journey with the same passion and wish to contribute ,just a  drop, to the process of awakening of all of us.

To win the battle over time!

Like somebody said, to leave the time to count its days and us to live the moments with passion! And smile ☺! And love!  Every inch of it! 


I encourage you dear readers to contribute to this www.philosophyofgoodnews.com site with your stories , thoughts, support and make it an oasis of goodness !

Have health and good life!


July 2017






This site has reached 10000 unique visitors. 

When I have started it, beginning of January 2017, the aim was to give the chance to my readers to think, to feel, to somehow enlarge the hole in the wall, enabling the light of other perception to shine.

I wanted to give  genuine option of awakening, of awareness, of being human. And to leave the readers to investigate further, to question better and more.

To implant the feelings, to try to influence anything has expiry date. To be genuine is forever.

And these  three words,awake,aware,human, are assembled using so important, crucial, existential feelings. Feelings of love, togetherness,  common sense. 

Feelings that, in the age of implanted antagonism,forced competition, are real healers.

I would like to thank you all, dear readers for your interest.

To be continued.. 




The city of great loves and ideas!  IASI Romania!

Iasi by night...

Jassiorum municipium or by others from Jassic people -Yazyges tribes or just IASI today,  is one of the oldest cities of historical  Moldavia region of Romania.

It was my first time in this amazing , full of beauty city.

City with at least 600 years history. City with the first university , with the oldest theatre in Romania.

City where poets , and so many great characters lived and are living ,and write , and drink and sing ,chew the air of life sometimes exceeding their lung capacity ! 

Passion ! 

I went armed with some  knowledge of the past from books read , some attitude of the present explained by the people of Iasi living abroad and some of the current trends  which are , in the age of globalisation, everywhere the same. Just somewhere , like flowers , they manage to grow faster and somewhere not.

Globalisation ? Beautiful idea to bring people together, as long as we are brought together without loosing our selves , our history , tradition ,customs , values. As long as we are free to decide our future and chose the path ourselves. As long as there is true and complete respect for differences from all of us human beings. 


The impressions after a week have passed are still strong, ardent , even that  I hoped to have the intensity of felling’s settled before writing. 

One is certain! 

I have visited extraordinary beautiful place.


Beautiful surroundings, awake passionate people , open eyes , smiles and help ready atmosphere everywhere. You open your soul there and do not worry about anything! It will be so well received that you will be amazed . Why? Well you can feel that there was a lot of pain involved in this place ,and maybe it still is. And that is what it makes the people there so understanding , so passionate. But you need to be genuine , as fakes are promptly excluded and dealt with . Iasi is giving you the opportunity to be original , to open your soul , to ,if you lost some pieces, actually find your self again. It is a reward you will get, firstly and mostly from your own self! 

You will meet very polite people and if you have a chance please try to understand the way they express them selves in Romanian. There you say “Thank you “ and they do not say “do not mention it “ or other accustomed expressions. They , all of them, say “placere” ,pleasure. Pleasure to help ,to reply , to communicate , which is often accompanied with hand shake and genuine smile! 

And the eyes ! Expressive , genuine , investigative , natural , that “mirror of the soul” are so amazingly beautiful there that it will stay in my memory forever ! 

One friend of mine at the Facebook has written 


The eyes are the mirror of the soul. 

And she is from Iasi. 

Proud people , and at the same time quiet with manners and respect ,but firm and practical in their replies , always open for conversation, for exchanging views . I have felt that when visiting University Alexandru Ioan Cuza Rectorate and  famous Lost Steps hall.   

Book eaters ! Book lovers ! Open minded knowledge seeking people they are!!!

I also had an opportunity to walk and meet people in tram and at railway station , to make photos , to see expressions of the faces in everyday life moments. And again I was impressed. Impressed by patience , overwhelmed by their smiles and acceptance to talk to a foreigner. Humanity at its best! 


I had very passionate, romantic and at the same time so human and humble experiences . 

Firstly, going to the theatre , and living through  such a great performance( “VISIT” of Friedrich Durrenmatt) in impressive surroundings , done by extremely professional yet authentic actors with such qualities that a lot of theatres world wide would be happy to have them.

That was actually the impetus for continuing the night by visiting the Casa Bolta Rece restaurant where Eminescu and Creanga were spending their time and I am sure , so sure after visiting , finding the inspiration for their work. 


It reminded me of a restaurant near my high school we ,four of us, were visiting while periodically escaping from the school lessons ,and talking , discussing , teaching and being teached from famous writers , poets, we were analysing with great passion  like it was the last  of our life! We were not Creanga and Eminescu but we were in our own world , free, genuine human beings so very curious about everything, actually looking for inspiration, for boost of positive energy to continue with our lives. And it have helped our school grades at the end!   


I am very sure that there are today young and not so young people doing the same everywhere !


And it did not finished at Casa Bolta Rece.


We got “furnished” with two glasses and one new bottle of beautiful and tasty Romanian white wine accompanied with the rhyme of Petru Fantanaru

“ Cute glasses

Since before me to put 

To pour wine into them


Or in Romanian

“Dragalase paharele

Dinainte-mi sa se puna

Sa se toarne vin in ele,

Pofta buna! “

And continued by visiting the park around midnight. Drinking wine from those “cute glasses” with moon and stars being our guardians, we were talking and talking ,laughing , dropping tears, burningly opening our souls as we were completely captured by the atmosphere of the moment.   It was a kind of experience  I will never , ever forget as it was loaded with authentic felling of being happy and alive. 

The rest is history.

With Mihai Eminescu( as he was near!) present in our thoughts as well by below rhyme

“And in this poverty 

You inspire, sing

Barde ‘’’

I have not seen a penny for a century 

I have not drink for a month”

(‘’’ Barde – person who composed epic or melodic poems often by playing harp , lyre etc...)


And in Romanian


“Si-n aceasta saracie, te inspira, canta,

barde -

Bani n-am mai vazut de-un secol, vin 

n-am mai baut de-o luna.”


The rest, second time, is history.


I would like to  wish all my old and new friends from Iasi “Health and good will” as Ion Creanga wished to Mihai Eminescu in one of his letters.

In Romanian 


Will see you again Iasi!


Darko Krstic 

May 2017






More of Iasi

Guest post! From Toronto to Baton Rouge(Home is people,good,humble... We are all ONE!)

Srdjan and a friend from Baton Rouge

My great friend living in Canada recently made a trip from Toronto to Baton Rouge Louisiana. 26 hours drive to see his daughter playing volleyball!  

Below his thoughts..

"It was a long 26hr drive from Toronto to Baton Rouge, LA and this song( Everybody's Talkin' as below attached)seemed so fitting.....Boy do I enjoy these trips. In my past 10 years I've driven across all central US, East Coast and some West Coast. I've flown to West Coast destinations though which I plan to correct in the future. Nothing will put one self more in touch with the people and one country than travel by land.

I've lived as a teenager and have known about America great deal before my sport related traveling endeavours started. Yet only actual, real time 500K driving experience, interaction and talking with every day Joes such as my self made it possible for me to put together this puzzle called American Dream and understand more of why America is what it is and why America is where it is.

It's a "Big Island In The Stream" of merciless greed driven Corporate Whitewater struggling to keep its shores intact from moral, ethical and historical erosion. It's hard I see that now more and more. It is amazing what the power of I call it ""Rubbing Shoulders" with ordinary people like myself can do to make you understand more this MATRIX reality we have all been put in unwillingly that we unaware of the fact do support in many ways. There are many many and I say MANY good American man and woman trying to preserve its moral and ethical foundation, rebuild its Identity and dismantle its Worldwide crippling perception of merciless conquerer. I have so much respect for them and this is where I see the hope for America.....in the words and deeds of the ones we don't see and hear on Main Stream yet their tireless fight that's not going unnoticed for the ones that care regardless of their National origin is keeping our hopes of America coming on top in this NWO game of perpetual warfare. I wanna say to them keep up we are all ONE.....I feel more at home around you than anywhere else. Home is people, good, humble, just people that America has more than one would think in these dire times...."

A couple of photos attached together with a video of a song "Everybody's Talkin'" 

Have a nice weekend with a wish for KACA'S team to win.

March 2017




Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge Louisiana

Everybody's Talkin'

Enjoy every moment being awake!

The story of two Alexis of Greece

The Greek trauma by Antonis Androylidakis  is his new book explaining tremendous relations between different people in different situations all having same denominator , which had and have traumatic effects to the identity of one nation. Even called “ The Greek trauma “we could change the word Greek with so many other nations  and be truthful by just replacing the names and numbers.

The word trauma is used by its Psychiatric meaning 

a) An experience that produces psychological injury or pain and

b) The psychological injury so caused 

Having above on mind somebody might ask how this “painful “ book can be presented at our philosophyofgoodnews site?

Well it is strongly suggested that all those knowing Greek read the book and those knowing Spanish some parts of it( the details will be provided shortly). Rest should be patient, or if not, should follow this article using COMMON SENSE. 

That is the aim of  philosophyofgoodnews. Use common sense. 

So lets see two Alexis 

First Alexis is Alexios, the first, Komnenos, Byzantine emperor from 1081 to 1118

Second Alexis is AlexisTsipras current Prime Minister of Greece.

And in between you nave nearly 1000 years.


Quite some time for developing human nous, and what has happened? Again we will be boring, maybe, but use common sense and read the book, or investigate. 

What those two Alexios have in common Androylidakis is asking, or better teaching, or even better awakening us.

I will not write about current Alexios as there are so many opinions and articles written , but will use the starting point in Androylidakis book and write about first Alexios, and try to tease you, the readers,to, again, investigate further.

Who was Alexios, the first,Komnenos Byzantine emperor? 

Son of  John Komnenos and Anna Dalassena ( I warmly encourage you to meet this lady more by further reading as I do not want to copy paste Wikipedia, but will use some details).

Also he was “adopted” by Maria of Alania the then wife of Nicephorus the third Byzantine emperor till 1081 which was ousted by coup d'etat organised , between others, and by Anna Dalassena and Maria of Alania. Both had their reasons! 

Coup was organised and executed and Alexios became emperor in 1081.

And in 1082 he signed the Trade and Defence Pact with Venetian Republic. 

He provided Venetians with major trade concessions in exchange for their help in the wars against Normans. Venetians, from that time, did not pay any taxes, had control over harbour facilities and some key public offices. Also they owned their own district with church and shops and bakery. 

This is when decline of Byzantine empire have started and it is taken by Androylidakis as the crucial starting point of economical and psychological disorder continuing till today.

The beauty of this book is that, apart being well written,  it is also a motivator for further knowledge about people psychology, about ME and US, about left movement, actually about human beings! 

Wish you a good read. 

March 2017


P.S. Another wish is the next book of Antonis to be "Tο ελληνικο θαυμα"  -"The Greek miracle(thavma)" ! 


Newt Gingrich at Heritage foundation. Recomended.

Like or dislike, agree or disagree one is certain ; It is refreshing! Posted here 31.01.2017

Mr.President of the USA D.J.TRUMP Election meaning

Whole world was, is and will be writing about Mr. President Donald J Trump election and his actions and this site would like to contribute some thoughts.

 For the “philosophy of good news “ the obvious question arise. Is the election of Mr. Donald J. Trump to the Office of the President of United States of America good news? 

And the simple answer is YES. It is a good news. It is awakening, it is change and this time hopefully the very real one. 

Relative outsider from strict inner circle have made it. Not with other people money. With his own and with help of open-minded people who were advising him. People who Mr. President Trump knew long term. Independent, awake, wise like him self. People practical and fast and furious! Change is happening and will continue to happen as long as he is in the office. 

Beautiful , different minds from what we have been seeing in the last , nearly 30 years, are around him in every sphere of government. In his inaugural speech he unravelled what is he going to do, and for me being non American he raised great hope! He mentioned small circle of people , he mentioned more importantly that America will shine again and attract not by “squeezing hands “ but by bright shine.

I remember USA as great country not forcing anything to anyone, just shining so bright that my generation of 60's and 70's followed it with extreme pleasure. Free expression, great ideas, music, movies, books, way of thinking and many many more things have made us to believe in America without being American citizens and without  being forced by “squeezing hands” to believe.   Nobody in those days was talking about being exceptional. And we were followers and in some instances copycats of American culture. We were inspired greatly in every segment of life  by tremendous power of light coming from there! It needs to be mentioned that inspiration we got came also from UK and France and Russian writers who all inspired us to move always one step more, one step further with strong belief that we all are doing something for our world to cherish ,to advance !

In his absolutely astonishing great book “Tragedy and Hope” Professor Carol Quigley analysed apart from other important questions ,the rise and decline of civilisations.

He stated that “Western civilization is the richest and most powerful social organization ever made by man. One reason for this success has been its economic organization.”(Has passed six successive stages of which at least 4 are called “capitalism” )

“ In this effort (Commercial capitalism) goods went from places where they were less valuable to places where they were more valuable, while money , doing the same think , moved in the opposite direction.... Goods are wealth which you have , while money is the a claim on wealth which you don’t have! “ 

Thus goods are an asset and money is a dept .

Obviously this has been written before Mr. Greenspan became FR Chairman. 


Also Professor Quigley have projected that Western Europe will by the end of 20th Century be at the stage where birth rate is low, death rate is rising , numbers are falling and age of the population is average over 50. 

Exactly what is happening now.  Is this explaining “refuge crisis “ ?

This is why Brexit has happened and this is why Mr. Trump won election .

There is a try to cure the tragedy using the hope for better tomorrow ! And what is better than new factories producing competitive products using strong working class .

That is what Mr. President Trump will try to do with United States of America.

There is a try to “go back” for values ! Like in 19th Century where there was a belief of “innate goodness of man”. Belief in progress , faith in science , democracy , nationalism... 


This ultimately bring us to education as investment for the future. By education results , nations are either build or destroyed . 

The actions in educational field will have tremendous effect for our earth in years to come. And because of that and because of the influence USA has in the education of people around the world it is absolutely important to have independent mind as Educational Secretary in USA which is supported by Mr. President Trump. He has chosen Mrs. Betsy DeVos which is independent lady and that is the strongest advantage I could think of as a starter! And complains of mainstream media about her makes me have even more profound feelings about her abilities.  I am sure that a lot of us are waiting for her to be confirmed and start to enjoy  policy decisions and the way she will shake the system. 

 I would like to be in position to say that my feeling was right and that we will now have a period of awakening and maybe, why not, new Renaissance. Whatever we do in our life’s has got some kind of opposition at the time. It is normal for the state of mind we humans are exercising currently. New ideas, fresh air, revolutionary moves ,are all, always, in the past as now, faced with antagonism. That is encouraged  as long as it is genuine and productive for common good. When it becomes a part of manipulation of consciousness, than we need to react immediately in order not to have the life of the frog! When you put the frog in the boiled water it will jump out of it immediately ! But if you put it in lukewarm water it will swim with the pleasure in it and will not notice that the pot is put on fire as warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy so much the heat till it has been cooked!

And I have a feeling that somebody just switch off the fire under the pot we were in!