Modus Vivendi, Cyprus,history and future

"Cyprus, a little world in wild beasts or reptiles disturb the solitude. The water is set and cool, the wine is nectar, and the food plain but good; above all , I know that my grave will be respected and that kind hands will close my eyes." (From the book "Historic Cyprus")

During exceptionally well organised event by UNDP(United Nations Development Programe) on 21st of September 2019, marking the completion of conservation of the mosaics of Ayia Triada (Saint Triad) Basilica and Agios Philon Church financed by European Union and executed by the join Greek and Turkish Cypriot Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, I was pleasantly surprised to see the people from both sides participating with very positive approach. That kind of the events could be upgraded to attract more  people, especially youth from both sides.I am sure that if this is done consistently, like all the activities in the life, there will be a success. Youth will understand that island of Cyprus as a whole is their mutual home.

Our first stop was Agia Triada Basilica and Baptistery. It was build arround 5th century and was damaged in the mid of 7th century when Arabs attacked Cyprus and again rebuild by the end of 7th century. It is famous for mosaics which were conserved, for Baptisery and for Soleas(elevated place).It is showing to us how people were baptized in those days going from the West, passing three steps from the water up where you enter a new life devoid of sin and get new clothes. More than that it remind us that people of Cyprus always wanted to live in peace. Here we had a great inspirational presentation from Mrs Ana Marangou. She used expression"Modus Vivendi" and gave the idea to the title of the article! In Agia Triada Baptistery title of the article was"devoid of sin" and "baptized".

Something very interesting has happened when we were going from Ayia Triada Basilica towards Agios Philon church.

Our driver by some strange mistake took wrong turn and instead to go towards the church of Agio Philon took another road. As road was very narrow and as bus couldn't turn we were "forced" to reach another Monastery and Church and to turn the bus using wide plateau there! Like that sacred place was awaiting to greet us with the sun converting the colour of remains to gold. It was a 16th century Church and Monastery of Panagia Eleousa or Merxiful Virgin welcoming us for brief photo session.

We reached Agios Philon Archeological Area and participate in the opening of the area as conservation work finished. The church was built 10th century on the top of 5th century basilica. It is all that remains from ancient Phoenician port of Karpasia. It is named after St.Philo who converted the people of the area to Christianity. 

Here we had speeches from distinguished people giving us the inspiration to continue exploring Cyprus and its inhabitants. 

If someone could take a couple of sentences from four speeches given by Mr.Kjartan Bjornson Head of Unit for Cyprus Settlement Support of European Commission, Mr. Ali Tuncay Turkish Cypriot Representative and Mr. Takis Hadjidemetriou Greek Cypriot Representative of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage and Ms.Tiziana Zennaro Senior Program Manager, United Nations Development Programme the article could be as follows:

" One can not just believe in peace, one has to work on peace. No matter how different our names, grander, language and convictions are, our commonality is that we are all human beings. This is the real  Cyprus, multicultural Cyprus, as it rises up through its monuments, with its similarities and its differences.  Looking arround us we can see how much can be achieved by working together!"

Last word together is the key for any achievement in anything we do in life. And it goes without saying it is the key for the solution of Cyprus issue. 

To achieve togetherness trust is necessary. To achieve trust one need to give trust! So both sides should give trust a chance without asking anything! To practice both you need people! To do anything you need people. Without participation of the people nothing of the substance will happen!

Attract more people. 

How do we attract people?

In famous "Asinaria" comedy (The story about Donkeys) there is a saying:

" Facias ipseguod faciamus nobis suades"

"Practice what you preach"

When people see practical things which are humbly, humanly, softly, presented and when they see that participation is growing they will come. They will want to participate!

And then,only then,as Mrs.Ana Marangou beautifully mentioned "Modus Vivendi" the "Mode of living" will be found.

Somewhere somehow.

Philosophy of good news 


Connect and Respect 




Easy to say, to write, to read but to feel?

What makes us happy?

What are those ingredients that are in work or are needed to make us happy? So many questions you will ask your self, and still, more will be coming to your mind.

One is needed! To inspire your subconscious to become conscious!

How do we do that?

We go back a thousand years and start training our instincts and imagination. We begin to feel subtle and humble and profound and genuine. Train and it will happen.

In today's world, filled with the pressure of this extensive system of norms and laws and antagonism, we get stuck and are somehow living in the emotional prison. Systematically attacked by different so-called"influencers," our feelings unwantedly start to retreat and consciously become unconscious due to the survival instinct we all have.

Then we start following the masses agreeing in public with "influencers." For God's sake, how should we question the opinion of such famous and best-selling authors?


Do not buy best-selling authors! Usually, it is for the purpose they are best selling. Best to wash and is closely connected with the marketing budget.


Instead, be your self! Express your self freely even when people start judging and supplying you with etiquette like "crazy" like "not mature" like " not serious" like who knows what else!

All of these expressions have one common denominator! That is DOUBT!

All those expressions are planting doubts to your conscience again, forcing you to retreat your real self deep in the sub-conscience.

Just be your self! That is the real answer! Simple and workable!

When alone practice! When alone call your self from deep inside to come forward! Look at it and make sure that it will not go back!

Then present it to the world! With that unique, genuine smile!

We all are unique! Each smile is unique!

Love your self! But not unconditionally!

Remember that we are born to be together!

Awake one person, and you will have a companion! Awake one person, and you will double your happiness.

Fears of being our self are implanted by the system to control us effortlessly. Just be your self fearlessly!


Believe in your self unconditionally!

That belief is unconditional as it is the doctor for any manipulation exercised by the system.

Having belief in your self, have faith in togetherness and not in antagonism. Individuality comes from togetherness!

Individuality is born from the group!

Employ your individuality back, for the group good!

You will double your happiness!






The critical mass of happiness will change the world!

Emotional methuselahs will not have the reason to exist!

Let us BE HAPPY!

Philosophy of good news


Connect and Respect



I visited couple of times the monastery of Apostle Andreas situated on the “nose" of Cyprus at the place called Rizokarpaso.

Every time when going to and from the monastery you pass a huge sandy beach. It always made me to wish to spend one night and feel the energy when it settles from visitors renewing its, I thought,healing properties.

And it happened.

It was early afternoon when I came to the place overlooking the beach, about a kilometre from the monastery.

The view was different from other times. Or my expectation and feeling made it different !?

I was asking myself why I have decided to spend night now and not before. Could be that all what we wish to happen takes time, giving us the opportunity to recognise that divine force and let it overwhelm us.

I decided to spend some time overlooking the beauty, trying to digest it ,awaiting for the sunset.

Sand, some bushes, trees, rocks and sea ! And waves and sounds and Moon and Sun looking at each other.

Is it possible that Moon was winking to the Sun or maybe,just maybe Sun to the Moon? At least that was what I felt. Or they both were making jokes about me! With Sun and Moon everything is possible and impossible!

That was the time.

You feel it without any interference of anyone. Just you and your inner self.

I started slowly to go towards the sea. While walking from the hill top something has happened.

What , you might ask with doubt that anything of importance could have occurred during a “simple" downhill walk.

I felt that I passed away and was awakened in the paradise! Tears started to flow with no logic explanation . But logic and paradise do not go hand in hand.

When approached the sea I went inside, started to swim and felt that I was born again !

I felt that I was born again!

I did feel that I was born again.

I did not want this to finish before it was somehow memorized and stored in newly created, or let’s say renewed soul.

All the pain has left. All negativity gone. Just a pure soul and my body caring it.

Do you seek paradise? You will find it! You will once find it inside of yourself.

Just need that sensors to let you know that the time has come. The initiation for me came from the atmosphere around Apostle Andreas Monastery and Sandy Beach.

But even that this place carries tremendous spiritual energy, it can go wasted if you are not prepare to receive it.

So just be patient and set your inner self free of pain. And it will come. The soul will take its place letting sensors to work.

At least that is my feeling.

Happy Awakening.

P.S. And awakening it was as I repeated the same procedure early in the morning this time talking with the stones and bushes. Such a beauty the conversation was! 


Copyright Philosophyofgoodnews 

Connect and Respect 



Iphigenia and Mara 

Just last week I attended premiere of "Iphigenia in Splott"or In Greek "Ifigenia en Oualia" written by Gary Owen and performed in Greek by Mara Constantinou! What a performance ! Gary definitely wrote amazing script but performance by Mara Constantinou,The Mara Constantinou, have taken this play to another level. So powerful so authentic and so bloody human ! Feelings nothing but the feelings ....! "Even if I've got an escape from real life tonight ,that leaves me with a day to get through... " or "For tonight ,I let him live. I work out my anger banging on Leannes door" And then ! And then " kiss him I kiss him and kiss him. And kiss him,and kiss him and kiss him..."

Now I am at my second attendance of the play which will be followed with the third and closing one in a week time. 

Words and feelings are being cooked slowly, but strongly.

Apassionata interpretation and feelings

Yesterday 9/3/2019 I had an opportunity to attend a concert in Nicosia Cyprus of talented Pianist, 19 years old David Anastasiou performing among other composers Ludwig Van Beethoven "Appassionata". 

Appassionata was first published 1807 and was not "baptised" as such till after Beethoven death, by a publisher. 

Known as most technically challenging piano sonatas Sonata 23 opus 57  gives the opportunity to performer, in this case David Anastasiou, to communicate his own powerful, vulcano style, inner feelings with public. 

We will leave technical details to music critics and will emphasize the feelings transmited by David to us attending the concert. I strongly believe that feelings are more important than any technicalities. 

David Anastasiou performance reminded me of the words written in fascinating Beethoven biography book I read in two days when teenager.

Those key words about Beethoven that are always in my mind since then are passion, improvisation, imagination, concern, love for life and fear combined with pain. 

David Anastasiou managed to awake all of those and bring Beethoven back to us, the lucky ones attending the concert. 

As 19 years old, and I can call him Pianist, David presented him self as knowledgeable, technically advanced Pianist, ready to improvise and, secretly, give his own touch to Apassionata! David definitely believes in himself and his ability to perform. 

What philosophyofgoodnews noticed, actually felt, is that we were witnessing not a performer, interpreter in making but a birth of a composer. 

Authenticity in his movements followed by imagination and improvisation and strong belief in him self made me make a bet that David will compose and compose big. 

Ludwig van Beethoven said “Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” David is taking those steps and we wish him wholeheartedly all the success. 

Philosophy of good news 



Bridges over Drina and Diarizos

Down bridge on the river Drina up Bridge on the river Diarizos

Cause and reason. 


Two bridges constructed to make easier, faster movement of people with thought  to withstand the time and become monuments of one epoch. 

Two bridges of amazing beauty. 


Both are built in multicultural environment one in the town of Visegrad  today Republic of Srpska  member of the Bosnian federation the other in Cyprus near the village of St. Nicholas approaching Paphos District forest. 


The bridge over Diarizos, they say was built by Venetians, with only one source mentioning that it could be built in 16th century, is populary called YEFIRI TOU TZELEFOU. Very few details are available about it.  Finishing of this article would take some time till the origin and approximate decade of construction, and other stories  come to the knowledge of the writer. 


Bridge over river Drina was ordered to be build and paid for by then Grand Vezir of Ottoman empire Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. It was constructed by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan whom, some sources are saying he spotted during his visit tou Belgrade 1526 when he was 21 years old. 


Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic served three Sultans as Grand Vezir.  In 1571 he was at the same position  when Ottoman empire conquered Cyprus where he managed to make separate peace with Venice, enabling Ottoman forces to end the siege of Famagusta defended under command of heroic Marcantonio Bragadin. 


Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic was born as Bajica Sokolovic in orthodox Serb family many of whom were monks. He was sent to Turkey as 18 years old, rare age to become Yenitsar. 

His uncle Makarije was first Serbian Patriarch of reestablished Serbian orthodox church 1557 to 1571.He spent some time before becoming Patriarch as guest of Iguman of Hilandar monastery of Mount Athos and had a nick name "topuzli Makarije" due to the maze (topuz) he carried under his mantle. 

Common sense could say that he had encounters and with Ottomans and one could imagine that he could then convey to them the solicitude of orthodox church towards the involvement,  actions of catholic church in Cyprus. Could have happened as even today we express our deep feelings over coffee and especially over good food accompanied with even better wine. 


In 1571 another Sokolovic succeeded Makarije as Patriarch. His name was Antonije Sokolovic and he was  the son of the Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic brother. 

Another two Sokolovic  were Patriarchs of Srbian orthodox church but since this is the story of two bridges and not short history of Srbian orthodox church we will concentrate how to bridge two bridges.


Cause and reason. Again? And always. 







More coincidence to come soon.... 




April / May 2018


Our attic our ladder 











Playing with the words-CULPA

CULPA - in Roman and Civil law means:

"negligence,neglect(distinguished from dolus). One is not always liable before law for CULPA resulting in damages."

"Fault, liability, blame"

And then we have additions to the word.

Like BLE from behind and MEA infront.

Both have meaning diametrically opposite. 

There is a thought that when you chose CULPA with BLE addition making the word CULPABLE you actually invest in the future. You leave it for the next generation, or even earlier, to the next person to build upon it. 

To deduct BLE from behind and declare MEA infront of CULPA boosting cooperation and advancing humanity to higher level of mind set. 

There, where competition will be replaced with cooperation and individuality with togetherness. 

There, where purpose of our life will be to leave beautiful deeds for humans coming after us and not to conquer anything and anybody.

There, where manipulation will cease to exist. 


As this short play with the word comes here at Philosophy of good news to an end, there is a genuine, strong hope that sober-minded humans will prevail educating, awakening others to comprehend how precious we all are.


This is what Philosophy of good news stands for!  Peace and prosperity for all humans! 



March 2018



Eminescu at Humboldt 1872-1874

Even that a lot has been said about Mihai Eminescu years in Berlin I still wanted to visit Humboldt University  and try to feel the atmosphere of today and “ghosts” of yesterday. 

It was an early morning covered with first snow of previous night. Berlin was in white even that it was obvious that the snow will gradually melt in the next few hours. Still I have managed to enjoy the walk, with eyes full open not to miss the University I was visiting for the first time. I had a strange feeling that Mihai curious and hungry for more knowledge, had also his eyes wide open at that December 18th 1872 not to miss the building and get enrolled to start attending the courses apart others and that of Dr. Eugene Duhring. With an experience of studying in Vienna, I am sure that he had also some extra excitement combined with a lot of questions about his future and what he really wanted to achieve in the life ahead.


My first meet was with the university main building having the monument of Herman Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz, famous scientist and professor of Physics at Humboldt from 1871. Inside and opposite of the entrance door you receive greetings in the form of the Marx quote, known as eleventh Feuerbach thesis which says


“Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it”!


May be that Eminescu did not say the above,however he certainly practice it! 


Marx first wrote the quote as part of the outline for the “The German ideology” book in 1845. However the quotes were published as pamphlet only in 1888 by Friedrich Engels.

Even if it was not available for reading at the time of Mihai Eminescu Berlin study it amazingly, really reflects very much his thoughts.

He, all agree, was studying very deep and at the same time working as a translator and secretary to Theodor Rosetti, the first Romanian diplomatic agent in the capital of the Prussian Empire, appointed on May 13, 1872.

Eminescu's activity at the Romanian diplomatic agency gave him the opportunity to meet a number of outstanding Romanians: Mrs. Ghica Roznovan, Mrs. Beldiman, I. Al. Samurcaş - the official secretary of the agency, the brothers Nicolae and Mihai Mandrea.

At first semester he attended the courses of The Logic and Principles of Philosophy and the Concept of History of Professor Dühring. Famous, independent and free thinker Dr. Eugene Dühring who, one could say, become the source of expanding Eminescu thoughts regarding various issues.  Eugene Duhring as lawyer became a docent of Humboldt University in 1864. In 1874 he was deprived of his licence to teach after the quarrel with the professoriate. Coincidence or not it is the year Mihai decided to go back to Romania. But to be honest there are also other events that have marked 1874 in Eminescu life.

Professor Duhring claims that his philosophy is philosophy of reality and anything which is trying to cover the reality, like mysticism and religion is denounced. He supported that human intellect is capable of grasping the whole reality. His work is not widely translated in English except 1881 published treatise “The Parties and Jewish Question”.

In ethics Eugene Dühring makes sympathy with the foundation of morality. In political philosophy he teaches an ethical communism, and attacks the Darwinian principle of struggle for existence! He in many points followed Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach (28 July 1804 – 13 September 1872)who was a German philosopher and anthropologist best known for his book The Essence of Christianity. It is a critique of Christianity which strongly influenced other thinkers like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche.

He also attended Professor Eduard Zeller course on General History of Philosophy. Professor Zeller moved to Berlin in 1872! He remained best known for his The Philosophy of Greeks in their Historical Development (1844–52). It was translated into most European languages and became the standard textbook on Greek philosophy.

Also a course of famous Karl Richard Lepsius about History and monuments of Egypt and in second semester The Habits and Morals of the Egyptians.


Above courses have sharpen and mostly clear Mihai Eminescu views and contribute further developing of his ideas which became immortal through his essays and poems. 

In Berlin he writes: "Emperor and proletarian" (version III), "Miron and the beautiful without a body", "Girl in the golden garden", "Panorama of vanities", "Memento mori", "Cezara". In the "Literary Conversations" appear the poems "Blue Flower" and "Angel and Demon" as well as the short story "Poor Dionys" etc…

His studies were interrupted in 1874, even that his great friend Titu Maiorescu wanted to help him and economically, to obtain his doctorate in order to appoint Mihai as philosophy professor at Iasi.


There are indications that his acquaintance with Veronica Micle which started in Vienna in 1872 before he went to Berlin was one reasons to leave. Or the death of his brother Serban from tuberculosis on 28th November 1874. Or maybe not the main reason  but definitely could have helped ;the ousting of Dr. Eugene Duhring from Humboldt University.


Whatever it was it is indicative of Mihai Eminescu character and his genuinity, uniqueness when you read the letter he wrote to his friend Maiorescu(spontaneous translation):


"I thank you from the heart for the possibility that you put me in the perspective of appointing my humble person in the important position of professor of philosophy, but I think that although such a proposal can only be flattering and appropriate to all my natural provisions, my consciousness nevertheless comes too early ... A doctor's title would arrange me with the world and its laws of order, but not with myself."


Doctors title – My self !

He,the great Eminescu has chosen 

HIM SELF and his ideas. Genuine,sharp,deep emotional,patriotic ideas.

This is what makes Mihai Eminescu immortal! As it makes him even more immortal that he would trade his immortality just for one kiss!


My visit to Humbolt University finished at cosy university canteen chatting with some of the students, over great coffee and tasty sandwich,about who Eminescu was and what he represents. I could say that a little hedonism moved our conversation deeper to what Eminescu would say today about future of our continent. And there I got information about an event organised at VOLKSBUHNE theatre Berlin with Peter Engelman and Jean-Luc Nancy talking about future of Europe. I went there and  listened to the conversation and had a strong feelings that, with all due respect Eminescu personality was missing. Eminescu could explain and teach us,using his tremendous energy and power of genuine,pure ideas that Europe idea is great and can succeed only as synthesis of national ideas.


A great Romanian patriot Eminescu is remembered in his country of Romania and in 1939 on 50th anniversary of his death the soldiers of the 20th Infantry Division led by General Georgescu planted coniferous trees in the form of the Eminescu name on the Seini hills. 

Even that it was destroyed it will be done again as in 2015 Seini wants to bring back to life this monument dedicated to the great poet.


It shows that great ideas and unique personalities never die! 


"Sanatate si voie buna"


Berlin January 2018 


Philosophy of good news 



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Cherish your past, it will make your future

Photo by A.K.

The process of Becoming

It is 1.45 am, on a Thursday. I am in bed, staring at the bright screen of my phone, unable to comprehend what I am seeing. I am just scrolling down on Facebook with the hope that I am going to be so exhausted out of boredom that I will achieve to fall asleep. And then a thought occurred to me: I used to be the most productive person at this time of the night. Used to be. Now things have changed. Seemingly, the huge change has been me moving to two different countries in a period of three years, yet a voice inside me is not convinced and screams that geography plays a small part in this transformation. 

It is 1.58 am, and I am writing like I used to, with no feeling of regret or shame. It is just me, the music and the blank paper in front of me, having a chat like good old friends. It is me and my old self partaking in a tête-à-tête while looking at each other with eyes full of wonder and surprise, as if we could not remember the reason why we could possibly stop talking. But I remembered. It usually happens when your bubble bursts. It happens to all of us sooner or later, at different times and under different circumstances like when you go to university or when you graduate or when you are forty and heartbroken sitting alone on a bench at night wondering if the human body is really capable of enduring all the pain you are feeling. The bubble bursts like a big unexpected firework in the sky, it is strong and rapid, and does not give you the time you need to comprehend its beauty or ugliness. It is the bubble that used to protect you by distancing you from taking responsibility for your own actions. Any bad thing that happened to you could be blamed on a parent, a teacher, a friend, a rude person in the metro – on anyone but yourself. Then a day comes, when a sudden moment of epiphany hits you: You are responsible for what happens to you from now on. And oh man, it hurts. All your flaws start taking shape in the form of sleepless nights and restless days, and they only blame a certain person: You. 

It is 02:11 am, and I start remembering my care-free days of running around, not trying to become anything, as by doing it I was just becoming it without thinking too much about it. And I think that is what I am missing from my current life: doing something without thinking of doing it a hundred times before-hand. That childish spontaneity of kicking the ball recklessly, then searching for it for thirty minutes in a muddy field without any feeling of regret or worry that you are losing time or that you will surely be needing a shower after, but rather with the pure acceptance of the fact that at the end of the day you just kicked a bloody ball and there is no need to overthink about it. 

It is 02:14 am, and I start a part of who I used to be before I started working towards becoming someone. The unsolidified identity of childhood, the infinite hours of playing invented games in the neighbourhood. The walks in the old town with friends under the blue sky. And the thing is, I do not miss the activities I used to do, I just envy the carefree attitude that was like a delicious white cloud above my head, preventing the hot sun from burning my mind. But then life happens, you hurt yourself or you get hurt by someone, you become more and more focused on what you think rather than in the process of engaging and connecting with the outer world, you laugh a bit less, and you try to become more of who you would like to be, a stronger, self-conscious and responsible person and forgetting that some parts of who you used to be had some value too. 

It is 02:21 am, and I am aware that the process of becoming is difficult and challenging, but it is indeed worth it. I just have to remind myself that I need to have a chat with the teenager, the child, the past self inside me and stop avoiding her. She has advice to give me that my current life is unable to offer. 

It is 02:34, ‘Sóley - I'll Drown’ is playing, overwhelming me with memories and a sweet feeling of escapism due to the song’s dreamlike, nostalgic quality. A sweet reminder that we should befriend our past, understand and learn from it, as it can teach you what no book can: how you used to be before the wrath of gods reached you.



May/June 2017



The redestribution is allowed only by written aceptance by philosophyofgoodnews



"How do you feel ? " she asked.


Well, fine!  Need no boost.


Except a touch , 


A kiss or two 


From you. 



March 2017



"Did you sleep well?", she asked. 

Yes! Fine! Exactly as needed. 

And then I was thinking 

Looking at the other side of the bed 

Where did you disappear?! 

And realized that you are

In your home town 

And that I briefly had amnesia. 




March 2017




Today I read one sentence written by my great friend mentioning the word togetherness, explaining so simply ,so nicely the core for resolving one problem , and I would add,  any problem.

It gave me an inspiration to write about that so important and so simple word “togetherness”! I remembered one very interesting book by Prince Peter Kropotkin with the title “ Mutual Aid : A Factor of Evolution”  .

He was inspired by a  lecture "On the Law of Mutual Aid," which was delivered at a Russian Congress of Naturalists, in January 1880, by the well-known zoologist, Professor Kessler, the then Dean of the St. Petersburg University.

Kropotkin continues :

“Kessler's idea was, that besides the law of Mutual Struggle there is in Nature the law of Mutual Aid, which, for the success of the struggle for life, and especially for the progressive evolution of the species, is far more important than the law of mutual contest. This suggestion -- which was, in reality, nothing but a further development of the ideas expressed by Darwin himself in The Descent of Man – seemed to me so correct and of so great an importance, that since I became acquainted with it (in 1883) I began to collect materials for further developing the idea, which Kessler had only cursorily sketched in his lecture, but had not lived to develop. He died in 1881.”


I encourage you all to find out more about this work.

What you can find first (maybe) is that he was anarchist and that is immediately making majority of todays readers to lose interest and not to go further in their learning conquest, as they dislike anarchists .

Well I encourage you to encourage your self to investigate deeper.

Mutual Aid is togetherness in its highest level.

It is different from antagonism.

In todays world we have tremendous amount of information to cope with. We are “bombarded”  with new information every minute, hour, day....

We have difficulty concentrating, being awake thus "forgetting" that we can deeply feel.

We are teached to think short, write short with less genuine feelings attached to our thoughts.  

We are teached to think more about "I and survive"than about" us". What would we do alone in this world?

We read sayings of different people and we reproduce them as those have reminded us, for the moment, that we can feel something deep and beautifull.

We have that moments when we feel we are HUMAN, we are GENUINE and we are for TOGETHERNESS . But its  not long lasting as we have fear to show who we really are ! No fear! Forget fear!

We, really are UNIQUE HUMAN BEINGS ! Each and everyone of us! No exceptions !

And we have genuine feeling for togetherness inside of all of us,just we need to have courage and wisdom to take it out and show it to the world!

That is why this tremendous word TOGETHERNESS is so important .

That is why I repeat it here and again TOGETHERNESS !


Have a nice day









Man is the brother to fellow man



Good Morning,

Let us say,belive,act as MAN IS THE BROTHER TO FELLOW MAN.

Humanity will transform and survive.


As money ceased to be motivation for evolution and instead became means for manipulation of man, system has reached breaking point and is forced to find ways to change. It is trying to do so before implosion. Segments of the system are using different techniques to achieve some cosmetic change in order to avoid,  or at least to postpone implosion. This is suggested by news we hear every day. Different moves,acusations by different players with world projection capabilities is confirming that actual change is happening and since it can not be halted they all try to position themselves.

And evil is trying to reorganize. However,evil,as intelligent as it is and as creative as should be can not and will not contemplate what wisdom represents. It will fail, even after decades of investment made by entangling procedures ,complicating everyday life of ordinary people, thus producing fear , intrigue , chicanery.

Fear of unknown , complicated ,”high level” “stuff”(to quote distinguished human beings using this word) is being promoted for decades. It is implied that “stuff” is so difficult that can not be understood by  masses and it should be believed without further questioning. And even questioning is most of the time manipulated, just to make sure.

And somehow, everything became too much.

Consume , consume , consume.

And when fed up with consuming ,trying to figure out what is  out there apart from consuming ?

Again consume! Like our existence is connected with consuming.


I )    Balance is lost

But it will be re-established

Ii )   Spiritual is subordinated to material

Will change by fusing spirituality of east with practicality of the west.

iii)   Common sense became not so common

Transmutation of mind ,awakening of masses is slowly but steadily occurring. It will overcome manipulation which is applied to produce pressure in every day life thus sucking important ingredient of creative human – time.

iiii)  Simplicity is not in “fashion”

It will gradually become very mush in “fashion” as education will be based not on obtaining diplomas with specialized “knowledge” to serve the existing system but establishing ,promoting, applying new ideas based on common sense and universal ethics.


Above is only a part of our good news.

The other, more important part, is inside in each and everyone of us.

Find time! Make time!

Project feeling of goodness to fellow man, human being .

And if you do fell goodness also please do not forget another famous saying from Asinaria comedy ( Story about donkeys) :

“ Facias ipse quod faciamus nobis suades”

“Practice your self what you preach”






 Good morning. 

Did you know that famous She-wolf was,actually,made by ancient rase Eturscans and that in the later stage,in Renaissance twins Romulus and Remus were added.

In ancient comedy Asinaria ( Story about Donkeys)  written 195 BC by Titus Maccius Platus famous sentence have been said "Homo homini lupus" -"Man is a Wolf to his fellow man". This has obvious meaning in days we live.

Actually the whole sentence goes "Lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit" -" A man is a Wolf to another man,when he hasn't yet found out what he's like". 

Lets play with possibility that She-wolf actually presented the founding cult of Eturscan rase. Than the famous saying would have absolutely another meaning.

Maybe something as a code, salute. Something like a pointer, affiliating other people,even the unknown. Something like "Hi brother". ☺ 

Hi brothers wherever you are and you are everywhere! 

Good news,positive feelings! 

Live life without being evil,and good news will prevail.