Oliver Stone thoughts

Part of Oliver Stone thoughts..

Oliver Stone thoughts 

“I urge you to find a way to remain alone with yourself, listen to your silences, not always in a writer’s room. Try to find not what the crowd wants so you can be successful, but try instead to find the true inner meaning of your life here on earth, and never give up on your heart in your struggle for peace, decency, and telling the truth.”

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So authentic and true!

Norwegian Wood...


Moments of jazz at Retiro Park Madrid

Enjoy dreams

Yves Montand

"... You see I did not forget
The song you sang me... "
Enjoy, feel, and ultimately SMILE!

Joe Cocker...

My translation from Greek.
"The way to live the life is to win the battle against the time. Let the time count the days and you live with passion the moments" P. Livous (Charalambos Papadopoulos)

Feel it...

Live the life with passion.
Chew the air!