Leipzig, J.S.Bach and St.Thomas church choir

St.Thomas church

My recent visit to Leipzig couldn't be completed without visiting St.Thomas church where Johann Sebastian Bach tomb is and attending performance of more than 800 years old St.Thomas Church, St.Thomas School boy's choir.

The triad Church, School,Choir inspired people like Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach who was also music director and composer for the choir.


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Philosophy of good news 

Darko Krstic 

January 2018 




Vinca Metropolis and  "back to Neolithic future"

The Lady of Vinca

More than two months passed from the visit to the Vinca Neolithic Metropolis site , near Danube , some 14 kilometres from the Belgrade centre. It was meant for my enthusiasm to settle down and in the mean time to find some more sources about Vinca. One of the sources found , recommended for my Romanian friends is the book of Mr. Suciu Cosmin Ioan " Cultura Vinca in Transilvania" published by Bibliotheca Brvkenthal Sibiu , 2009. 


Also I can confirm that the original feeling I had due to the passionate , professional  and above all human presentation of curator Mr. Dragan Jankovic stayed as engraved in my mind.  And awareness grows by the day ! It is an amazing feeling of warmth and responsibility and awareness of humanity , and togetherness and peace . Peace of the soul and peace between humans ! 


Vinca is the only archaeological site I have visited where you are welcomed with unique hospitality  completed with domestic beverages till you wait for the group to be formed to enter the museum and listen to Mr. Jankovic lecture.


The prevailing feeling I had was that of shyness covered with temporal  veil of secrecy , ready to erupt and uncover it , when WE THE PEOPLE , are ready to absorb and implement the idea of peaceful coexistence for the benefit of humans as a whole. 


After 7500 years VINCA could be ready to reveal its self. It can open the way  to our transmuted mind to practice togetherness .To let us comprehend their customs combined with the technology of today. To release conserved positive energy and enlighten us to become real humans , non manipulated beings . 


To let us learn , understand by ourselves, the Cult of Great Mother with the big eyes, not as an authority but as a symbol of awakening , alertness , attention, engrossment ,care for well being of all community .


To let us practice and transfer to others that Common Good should prevail over egoism and selfishness , as well as to equal our world view standards.

As somebody beautifully presented how to make 4( four) equilateral triangles using 6 ( six) matches . To help, you will need to upgrade from “flat” view. 


Please see short video below the photos of VINCA



To celebrate life and not to allow hope to deceive us!


To let our talents to develop as beautifully said by George Enescu Romanian composer and violin professor  when his father told him : “ If you want to deal with music , you should learn the notes. “ and he replied : “ But Daddy , music is for playing , not for reading” 


Such a small detail , with people smiling at the time and maybe saying “ childish talk” or “what the child knows” but forgetting that “little things are not critical , they define everything” !


This is also the case of the Vinca , most probably a paradise at the time. Production of red colour ,technic  of melting coper, trade of obsidian a type of volcanic glass to produce finer blades than conventional steel ,used for hunting . grass cutting , sewing etc...


Use of ground stone for fashioning tools using water worn pebbles as raw material. Use of bones and antler and polished stone for other tools like axe (hammer). 


The figurine from the beginning of this article was made from baked earth      (terra cotta) and it is widely accepted that it is a "hallmark" of Vinca culture as hundreds of this masterpieces were found during excavations from 1910 by Professor Miloje Vasic.


Furthermore there was Vinca “diet” using lentils and flax as well as pear fruit and grains from einkorn and emmer wheat. Vinca symbols or script even with disputed meaning existed.


And above all no traces that war was conducted in that Neolithic period! 

What a time... 


No war ! 


And that should mean no privilege!  

No poverty, no Messiah. 

Very simple!

" The more simple anything is,  the less liable it is to be disordered,  and the easier repaired when disordered..."


The role of figurines is still unknown, like the role of symbols or script and it is awaiting someone to reveal it to the world soon!

In order for this to happen some beliefs should be allowed to develop which is sometimes difficult as Frantz Fanon beautifuly said:

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are 

presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new 

evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is 

extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it 

is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, 

ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.”



I would be honoured and absolutely thrilled if this article inspires  and becomes  someone’s beginning to learn more about Vinca culture.

Furthermore philosophy of good news would be happy if you could feel why the title of the article “back to the Neolithic future” is relevant especially at the times we live!


 ~In the meantime, as this article made me as well, to look further, learn more about VINCA I came across Facebook page "Vinčanska kultura" which is in Serbian language. I had a privilege to exchange a couple of words with the gentleman, enthusiast who is running it and can announce now that we will have some of the articles translated in English in the coming weeks for more people to read. As he said "LET THE KNOWLEDGE SPREAD"!




Philosophy of good news


November 2017






Vinca sites

From museum

Figurina Baden culture

Vinca 1910 ( Professor Vasic)

Curator Dragan Jankovic


AMAZON Jungle and story of Dima Efthyvoulou

Photo from the book

There is a story that George Gurdjieff has predicted , truly,the future of young Zoia when meeting her and her family Krylov in Turkey during their odyssey with another family Kalmanovich , fleeing from St. Petersburg after October revolution 1917. Originally planed to finish in France but under some circumstances they settled in Cyprus. There Zoya met Michalakis , married him and got five children, three boys and two girls. Sons became all as per Gurdjieff prediction.  

One of the boys born 1924 and passed away in 2011 was Demetris

( Dimas) about whom this story is.



The story of Spirit Photographer Dimas Efthyvoulou and his journey, from Cyprus , participation in Second World War, England ,  Amazon jungle and Peru , USA , Cyprus and beyond(records of space and time).


The story about Shamans he met stating that “ As I found the jungle I was finding myself”

Story about Nature , about love ,about ,some could say naïve , believing in the goodness of all people!

Story about way of comunicating with Nature about actualy being able to see what is "under our noses"!

About "greed versus green".


As per Adelfo Amaya , professor of philosophy of Pedagogical Academy of Colombia 

" He has opened a door to bring us to the threeshold of the profound ....He lets the secret universe of the jungle transform our own interiors and multiply the drops of magic that remain..."


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We are pleased to announce that with the help of Mrs. Tatiana the wife of late Mr. Efthyvoulou we are offering his amazing rare book you can see below


Aspects of the Hyper-Real

published  , as he said it “ to open doors of perception”


We will be shipping the book to all those contributing 10 euro which will be also used to give access to all articles from our ESOTERICGOODNEWS page for the period of one year.


PLEASE SEND MAIL TO info@philosophyofgoodnews.com when donate with your full postal address to enable us to ship the book. Thank you.





November 2017





Demetris Efthyvoulou

Book front

Inside the book

Simplicity IS pefection

Vinca clay figure

Recently I had discussion about education and how important has become. 

No need to oppose it as we live in the age of rapid changes and prompt developments.

However one should distinguish what we mean by “education “. 

Are most of us talking about specialised education teaching  us particular skills to become craftsmen of the future? Why not, most will conclude. We need craftsmen! True,could be said. And we will than have, like we have, a bunch of  narrowly specialized so called specialist dictating the rest of us “ how to live “ what to eat, when to sleep etc...crippling  our common sense. Those that do not see the difference, as someone said, between Austria and Australia.  

Should be, back to school, that school which will teach us, how should we learn how to learn, starting from broad going towards distinctive thus, giving us first of all that human, simple, awareness about the world we live in! 

Genuine and human! No interpretations and complications used only to get you lost, to blind you, even by,offcourse, leaving you to see! That is called  manipulation. The term manipulation is closely connected with the term lie.

In our, by now unfortunately, programed way of comprehending only one way is the best way!  Simple as it is, look in to yourself ! Exchange ideas! Discuss it.

Discuss it HERE!  It is open! 

No need for specialists of any kind. Nor statistics!!!  Somebody said that there are three types of lie: good,  bad and statistics.  

Below is the quote from the GREAT R.M.Rilke book “ The letters to a Young poet “ 

I am sure that the word young is connected, not with years of age but with the clean, curious soul! 

“You ask if your verses are good. You ask me. You have previously asked others. You send them to journals. You compare them with other poems, and you are troubled when certain editors reject your efforts. Now (as you have permitted me to advise you) I beg you to give all that up. You are looking outwards, and of all things that is what you must now not do. Nobody can advise and help you,nobody. There is only one single means.  Go inside yourself. Discover the motive that bids you write; examine whether it sends it's toots down to the deepest places of your heart,confess to yourself whether you would have to die if writing were denied to you.  This before all: ask yourself in the quietest hour of your night: must I write? Dig down into yourself for a deeper answer. And if this should be in affirmative, if you may meet this solemn question with strong and simple “I must”, then build your life according to this necessity ; your life must, right to its most unimportant and insignificant hour, become a token and witness of this impulse. “ 

Simple, easy, genuine, human! 

No need for different"independent studies" complicated explanations.

Use your common sense. 

Look into your self,your passions,humanity,your sharp intuition.


October 2017 





Cecil and Alfred

Photo taken at St Andrews church Hertford

Cecil and Alfred or Rhodes and Milner 


Recent trip to Hertfordshire county ,apart from being  hedonistically  enjoyable , gave an opportunity to the  inquiring mind to learn more ,investigate further about Mr. Cecil Rhodes who was born in 1853 at Bishop's Stortford . And by inquiring more about  Mr. Rhodes  one could make a terrible blunder and not do the same with Mr. Milner , even that he was born across the sea at the town of Giessen, what it was then in 1854 the Grand Duchy of Hesse. It looks like that they were “programed” to meet in Africa again after Oxford and elsewhere,and as a men with common cause, to become leading gardeners  by choosing and planting tremendously valuable seeds needed for future development of their home land.

The seeds which became plants with roots so deep that even today you can actually see it,and feel it,from the social issues to patriotic feelings and general attitude of the highly aware and  super hospitable people injected with marvelous curiosity.

Popularly called Brexit could be the manifestation , confirmation of the deep , strong legacy those two Great Men have managed to create  with their ideas and followers .

One could be called “ pilot who weathered the storm” ( Milner)and the other “ old man planting oak saplings” (Rhodes)as stated in the remarkably educational ,eye opening , article of Mr. Edmund Garrett  “ Rhodes and Milner” written 1905! 

Dear Mr. Garrett  will be quoted here together with other surprisingly  interesting researchers. And it will be combined by expressing fresh feeling arising from reading them. They  managed to transfer authentic atmosphere to the reader then and now ! 

It will be less of history and more of common sense, vision,attitude , projection,ideas , ability, which made them stay interwoven ,even today,  in the mentality of every day people.

One can agree or disagree ,like or dislike ,love or hate ,however we should offer respect and use their work to learn more , most importantly about ourselves. 

Coming soon ….

September 2017




Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre IASI -THE PLACE OF AWAKENING

Entrance of IASI National Theatre

My recent visit to IASI and impressions I wrote ,wouldn't be complete without an article about Iasi national theatre I have visited for a "Vizita" performance and felt unique atmosphere. 


My first live “encounter” with Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre  has happened the night I arrived in Iasi .

It was Sunday and after checking in the hotel I have decided to drive around alone, with my rented car ,to learn the routes for next day appointments ,to feel a little bit of Sunday night atmosphere and ,definitely, to refresh , renew, my feeling of driving on the left side as my experience of more than twenty years is in driving on the opposite side with occasional exceptions , like this one.

During investigative drive towards Palas moll   I have passed by the Theatre building. 

First time !

And than instead of going to the moll( as I said in my article about Iasi ,the sign of globalisation) I went back and passed second time just to be sure that the building I was looking at ,is The Theatre as I saw in numerous, photos prior to my trip.

And then I have passed the third and fourth and fifth (!) time before deciding to stop somewhere near and walk towards that so impressive building !

Feelings of respect , admiration , and God knows what else ,erupted from my inner self. Even now I get goose bumps when thinking about it! Perhaps it sounds kind of crazy ,however ,I felt that the building was trying to communicate with me ,watching my moves and mimic carefully , trying to learn what this intruder , is looking for at the middle of the night!

Even immovable , or as per our perception immovable, this respectful edifice, opened in 1840, is able to somehow conquer attention of passers-by , to outwit and thus to win them not as blind followers , or only admirers, but as active participants , which one realize when actually enters  the building! I must say that the standard and quality of the people I have met reflects absolutely the beauty , the history , the purpose of The Theatre !


Monday came fast and , somehow , overwhelmed by meeting new people and having work to do ,apart from early morning investigative walk , I cornered the feelings for The Theatre knowing that they will surface in the coming days , first by obtaining reserved tickets and secondly by Liliana’s confirmation of attending the performance with me. 

Tuesday came fast as it is usually happening when you have an amazingly great time. Doing , now traditional early morning inquiring ,long, very long walk through many of Iasi neighbourhoods ,meeting people ,talking, taking the tram and making pictures ,Tuesday was also the deadline for obtaining tickets for Thursday performance at Vasile Alecsandru National Theatre of Iasi. Dressed as jogger I got at the office where the tickets are sold. I asked for Mrs. Simona , even if I found her details on FB and through that application “met” her beautiful family as well.

She looked at me in a professional yet surprised way , but with the disarming smile, making  me , easily , to say in order to justify my appearance  , apart from usual thank you , nice to meet you and looking forward to the performance , that I know about dress code and that I was dressed as jogger due to a long walk I have been doing that day. While receiving precious tickets I also noticed a second smile which made me facilitate and proudly get out of the office thinking that I will remember it for a very very long time.


Wednesday is not very important for my story except that Liliana confirmed that she is coming and thus made me confident that ,even if I saw the performance in my native language and read it again in English to be prepared, I will have an extremely well educated , eloquent lady to enrich the atmosphere and help augment the knowledge.  


The Thursday has come and if I remember, as I do remember but just writing “if” to make it mystic in a kind ,the day was sunny and a little windy and full of expectations ! It is absolutely fascinating to have expectations and absolutely stunning to live it ! 

I will maybe disappoint you as I will not analyse the “VIZIT” performance events in detail , but will focus on the atmosphere I felt . 

I was waiting for my classy date to appear and was caught flatfooted by the beauty ,and elegance of Liliana. She was like a muse , inspiring me to feel more and now to write this article. Maybe I should deduct the word "like"in front of muse and keep only muse as she was and still,I am sure, is muse! 

Going inside of The Theatre is a ritual ! The people attending were beautifully dressed showing great respect , with open eyes, ready to learn and enjoy ! Awake , aware , attentive ,mindful , bursting with admiration and proudness and yet, as I said , being an active participants in the continuing history of “ Vasile Aleksandru National Theatre Iasi” !

The ladies offering the program were awaiting us with a smile, again smile, so natural thing in Iasi and its Theatre that have set my standards very high for future experiences. 

The feeling I had was the one of entering another world ! Another way of living , anticipating , understanding . Divine magnanimity ! 


Together with Liliana we took our seats and ,as awaiting for performance to start ,I was observing people trying to get further inspiration.

One detail have stayed in my mind and it is the beauty , love, respect couples have. Namely , I assume, husband and wife, were exchanging seats between them two times as man was trying to help her to see better the stage. Patiently with such a great tact the man was serving his wife that this have made me very emotional before the performance started!

And it happened ! It started! 

For two and a half hours all of us attending were “hypnotized” with the power of play and its participants! Strongly suggest to read the VIZIT of Friedrich Durrenmatt as it has never ageing issues concerning life, values , love ! 

I  concentrated  on actors expression, tone of the voice, grimace, movement etc... I was amazed with the professionalism, so real authentic acting, yet infused with deep human feelings, and have enjoyed every second, checking from time to time with Liliana my memory of the wording! And memory was working!!!!

Not only actors , and not only main actors Mihaela Arsenescu Werner and Emil Coseru ,even that they gave a special tone and managed to transfer very special feelings to the audience, but all the play participants ! From colleague actors ,which ,even without having a text to say were participating so lively with their mimics , from Light Master, prompter , Technical Director, Art Director and actor , Back Stage and Sound people, Decoration, Costume(The Costumes!!!!) designer , Makeup artists , Music, Graphics, Marketing and Management , till the last but certainly not the least the Director Claudiu Goga  made us all to feel the power of being human !

To learn that we exist and that we can make the difference !

This is what theatres are for , especially THE National Thetare Vasile Alecsandri   Iasi !

And the story continues ...


If you want to live that kind of atmosphere I strongly suggest to “change” theatre destination and come to Iasi even not knowing Romanian language as you will have a life experience !




This article could not be finished without quoting ,great Romanian personality, poet Vasile Alecsandri part of the poem for Elena Negri who had died shortly before following rhyme has been written:


" Pleasures of love ,charming pleasures!

Feelings!Great dreams of a wonderful future!

You disappeared suddenly just like the traveling star

Which leave a deeper darkness after them"




May/June 2017




Awakening and Green Face of G. Meyrink

The Green Face book of  Gustav Meyer(Meyerink), an Austrian novelist of late 19th  and early 20th century came to my knowledge just recently, confirming ,or better encouraging me to continue with my venture , as we all humbly seek  a kind of confirmation from some , would say , magic source in order to overcome and manage fear of any kind! 

That magic source is definitely The Green Face book.

It is impregnated with so many wise thoughts transferred to words , that the reader forgets for some moments the story of the book and starts dreaming on his own. Starts actually using his real abilities ,he often thinks that are lost due to the every day non essential  life obligations which are deducting so precious ingredient of this life , time.

By reading novel I had first strange, than warm , true impression that time has been added. Thoughts expressed are not only wise but simple, human, awakening.  Makes ,somehow, your brain to transmute fast and learn even better not to pay attention ,and lose precious time on ,in most of the cases, idiotic, explanations of different “zip code”(Coming Apart book of Charles Murray)specialists which are there to make you doubt everything and try to chose hopelessly between lie number one and lie number two!

Somebody could say , as one of my friends have said : “It is hopeless to try to change the world” and I have replied that it is not ! We just need to start from ourselves first ! And then found , for me ,nice passage in the book which says: 

“In a certain sense people are right to laugh at someone who says he intends to transform the mankind. But they overlook the fact that all that is needed is for one person to transform himself root and branch. His achievements will never fade,wheter the world recognises or no. Anyone who does that that tears a hole in the established order that will never heal, whether the rest notice it immediately or in million years. All things that come into being remain , they only seem to disappear. That is what I want to do, to tear a hole in the net in which mankind has caught itself; and not by preaching , but by escaping from the meshes myself”


It discusses the very meaning of existence . Our fears , our questions , our disagreements and agreements. Our yes’s and no’s. 

Affair is situated in Holland at the time when it was “flooded with people of all nations”! Just to remind that the novel has been written 1916.

And apart from Green “ Chidher Green” Face , an old Jew shop owner who cast his “eyes downwards” but also upwards, who forgot how to cry , but have not yet learnt how to smile, there is a manuscript which the main character Mr. Fortunatus Hauberrisser , an Engineer tries to decipher and finds following passage 

“ Who ever believes he is living for the sake of his children and his children’s children is deceiving himself. It is not true; mankind has not advanced one inch; it only seems to have. There are merely occasional individuals who are more advanced then the rest. To go around in a circle means not making progress. We must break out of the circle or we will achieve nothing. All they who think that life begins with birth and ends with death cannot even see the circle, how should they break out of it” 

Doubt ,all around us . To do this or that ? To be one or another ? To proceed ... where? To turn back or not? To forget or to remember? To be balanced or not?

One is certain ! This novel helps our brain working better and smother . It is ,would hope very much for those they will read it , transmuting it . And it is awakening us!

As our writer has stated:

“ For a thousand years and more men have learnt to understand the laws of nature and put it to their service. Happy are they that have understood the meaning of this labour , namely that the spiritual laws are the same as the physical laws, only an octave higher, for they shall enjoy the fruits of their labour whilst the others continue to toil , their faces turned towards the earth. The key to power over spiritual nature has been rusting since the flood. It is ; wakefulness .

Wakefulness is all........

The first step towards it is so simple that any child can take it; only over-educated have forgotten how to walk and are lame in both feet because they refuse to let go of the crutches they inherited from their forefathers.

Wakefulness is all.

Be watchful in all what you do. Think not you are already so. No, you are asleep and dreaming .

Stand firm, gather up your thoughts and force yourself for one single moment to send sensation coursing through every fibre of your body ,”now I am awake.”

That is the first, faltering step on the long road from slavery to omnipotence.............

Do not let your self be put off by the fear of failing to reach your goal in this life.”


It is inspiring to acknowledge that man with ideas are not alone and ,on the contrary ,that “if one man has an idea , that just means that many others will have the same idea at the same time. Thoughts are contagious , even if they are not expressed ;perhaps most contagious ,even if they are not expressed”. 


So dear readers , believe in magic. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Take out fear and awake. 

And love! Essence is love in all what you do!

I found in one of our humble readers  profile, statement that was written by J.M.Green

“ Do you believe in magic?

She asked.

I believe in you ,he said.

And you are the closest thing to magic

That I have found”


So simple , so true , so human !

April 2017


P.S. Could not finish without this quote of P.Livous Greek ortodox priest and ex drummer (Charalambos Papadopoulos)

My translation from Greek.

"The way to live the life is to win the battle against the time. Let the time count the days and you live with passion the moments" 


"Time takes more converts than reason"

The above sentence has been written in the pamphlet COMMON SENSE 1776 advocating independence of American colonies from Britain.

Written using simple language,  which is actually a medicine for our manipulated soul,  this pamphlet gives the opportunity to the reader, apart from awakening ( due to the language used), to understand and realize the beauty of human mind as well as to learn practical, simple facts about society,  government and political ideas.  It also can teach how to elaborate, present the case as it is sincere and truthful, with those two ingredients being the basis of every virtue. You can agree or disagree with the thoughts presented but all of us should respect it. 

Printed on 10/01/1776 in Philadelphia and having huge impact to the minds of the people then and there, it was followed by the Continental Congress Declaration of Independence 4/7/1776.


Will quote some general thoughts to encourage you to read it all.

It says: “ Society is produced by our wants,  and government by our wickedness ; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the later negatively by restraining our vices. First is a patron, last a punisher “

“The more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered,  and the easier repaired when disordered.”

Continues by quoting Dragonetti on Virtue and Rewards: “ The science of the politician consists in fixing the true point of happiness and freedom.  Those men would deserve the gratitude of ages, who should discover a mode of government that contained the greatest sum of individual happiness with the least national expense “

And to finish with: “ Our present condition, is,legislation without law ; wisdom without a plan; constitution without the name ; and, what is strangely astonishing,  perfect Independence contending for dependance.... The property of no man is secure in the present unbraced system of things. The mind of the multitude is left at random,  and feeling no fixed object before them,they pursue such as fancy or opinion starts.  Nothing is criminal ; there is no such thing as treason; wherefore, every one thinks himself at liberty to act as he pleases. “

“ Our plan is peace forever.”


Quite some time has passed and wish for converts to grow! 


P.S. To make more interesting for readers, let me do some SIMPLE mathematics 

10/01/1776 = 10+1+1+7+7+6 = 32 or 3+2 = 5

04/07/1776 = 4+7+1+7+7+6 =  32 or 3+2 = 5







Simplicity - as ultimate perfection or sophistication (they say Leonardo da Vinci said it)


Simplicity is not in fashion as it is presented as “low awareness “ , “ low intelligence” , “ low who knows what else” .

And then we have a statement supposedly  Leonardo da Vinci said  that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

So what is going on in  majority of todays perceptions regarding being simple ?!

In previous article here “ Man is the brother to fellow man” it has been written that simplicity will gradually become very much in fashion as education will be based not on obtaining diplomas with specialized “knowledge” to serve the existing system but establishing,promoting,applying new ideas based on common sense, universal ethics and the balance we will re-established  with our earth ,our nature.


No taboos ! 1+1 = simply 2 and then we have started to go to segments. Between 0 and 1 there are infinity numbers so many that whole science can be made again and again in order to manipulate us!

And that is what is happening . 


Our educational system is producing more idiots than scientists in any field. And that is why a lot of people are suggesting that real science is being practiced “under the table” and outside of the system.


Great mind of our times  Nassim Nicholas Taleb the author of the Black Swan book (which I proudly declare to have read immediately after being published) have recently wrote an article “ The intellectual yet idiot” which is self explanatory! I strongly recommend it for all as we are unfortunately just a product of the system.

It can be found at :



However the system is extremely eventful and is allowing you to express your self ,as long as you are inferior. And you express your self using the way of thinking ,concept,pattern, that has been given to you by the same educational system. 


The system is also encouraging for you to feel special! Lets see piano players exceptionalism . Yes piano players are using two hands ,playing up to 10 notes at the time simultaneously ,navigating them to 88 keys. For this to happen you need to develop ,true, unique brain capacity ! Very true.

And what about Circus skills ? Juggling , Equilibristic , Vaulting ? The brain of each of those performers is unique also ! 


What are we actually missing here? 

Simple thing. Those are abilities which are learnt after years of hard work! Abilities are beautiful to develop and  have ,  just we should be careful of thinking that they are making us exceptional. 

To much stupid “scientific” researches, paid by whom you should ask, which are guiding your ,otherwise really exceptional, brain to be gradually cut ,blinded of common sense  

and using human need to be recognised ! 


In music teaching, like in literature or economics or electrical engineering  ,or physics or any other science the system is using our need to be recon with in absolutely amazing way! 

We all learn about past composers ,writers, inventors etc... and are given PHD diplomas for explaining up to infinity already old patterns! 


We are measured , evaluated about our knowledge ,given to us by the same system who is in control of everything. Why not being evaluated ,if this is necessary, about our creativity , our intuition , imagination?  Are those supressed ,not allowed to develop for the vast majority  of human beings?


Who is encouraging ,lets say CLASSICAL MUSIC OF OUR TIME? 


Who is encouraging ,lets say RENAISSANCE OF OUR TIME?


Who is encouraging ,lets say INVENTION  OF OUR TIME?


Who is encouraging ,lets say THINKING OUT OF THE BOX?


I am suggesting to my readers to see the movie Death poet society where from I had a privilege to borrow the photo for this article. 


There was, I can say gladly now, that there was tendency to diminish our feelings, to cripple them , again by using some of the sick ideas that we only live for today ,forget yesterday and tomorrow , forget our past actions ,who cares about our future actions etc....  


Good news is that this is changing . 


It will take time but definitely people are awakening .


Let us become the creators of a new concept of creative education. Let us diminish  unnecessary,dull repetition of already known!  


Somebody once  said :

" We continue to act of our primal aggression, rather than thought and compation.. One day this sensation we call life will leave us. Our bodies will rot, our valuables recollected. Yesterday actions are all that remain." "We tear the world apart looking for joy, without ever looking within ourselves" 

For the beginning of real education let us start looking first within ourselves.